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Lucida Grande from MAC

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Very mean man [email protected] (from Pixel X)


Very mean lolll no no.. I like to help when i can... But as @sakurakira said.. Mod here are so unforeseeable, and rules are a little whatever by moment, so he remove the link and close the thread

Rest, Lucida Grande and HandelGothD are payware fonts, but you easily found with Google.. for free

Not so long time ago, porter of Mac theme for Win have interdiction to include these fonts.. :P

But now.. If a mod upload the font, that's ok .. little weird

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@ceroy: if you want to discuss it please PM me. I will be happy to explain you why it is allowed to upload Lucida Grande and forbidden to upload Handel Gothic. I agree it may look weird but hey - it's really what AS is about ;)

Hey, now that you mentioned it , any chance to get Handel Gothic.

Thankz !!!!!

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