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Multi-Plugin 2.3 for iTunes 6

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Localhost, thanks for a great plugin - I won't use iTunes without it!

I did have a problem, which I've solved.

A screenshot is here: http://www.usapilot.com/tmp/itunes-err.jpg

I run Windowblinds 5.01 and by using per application setting to disable skinning, my problem was solved. I hope that helps someone else!

Thanks again .. Caroline

I seem to still get the error even with disabled skinning on that exe. If I uninstall and then reinstall, it will load up the first time afterwards. However, after shutting down the computer for the night, the next day it will fail with the same error mentioned above.

Perhaps there is something else causing this?

Does anybody else have this problem?

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thank you so much HalfDead, i downloaded your skin - copy-pastet the skindata.ini but the color is only grey an that parts i showed that don't work still didn't change... the same problem in your real skin called "musical inversion" i think ;)

can it be that localhost has made an update that fixes that and i use an "older" version (i use the 2.3. my english is a bit confusing ;))

thx updating to 2.3.2 fixed the problem but the other problem with the non skinned part:

can somebody tell me which number that file has to edit/create?

thats the last thing that i've found my perfect iTunes ;)

but that was only able to happen^^ with ya plug in thanx

//Posts Merged. -NC

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I used to use an old version of Multiplugin and iTunes before, but today I replaced my hard drive and didn't have my old installers anymore. I decided to go ahead and upgrade, but now can't seem to get it to work. I install the latest version of iTunes ( with this latest release of Multiplugin, but I get the message "Multiplugin was unable to patch iTunes" at the end of installation. Does anyone know what the problem is? I really wish to get back to using this fine program.

EDIT: I've found an installer for, but still no luck patching it. I've also went through this thread and tried other suggestions. First I made sure that anything iTunes-related was closed. I also downloaded a hex editor to try to remove the version string, but had absolutely no idea what to make of it so I left it alone.

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Localhost - Would it be possible to include an option in Multi-Plugin to make iTunes resize from the system tray with one-click instead of double-click? I know this sounds lazy, but I like to keep my taskbar free hence minimise to systray.

uTorrent has this function and I find it useful. How difficult would it be to incorporate this in the next update?

Si :slant:

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Nope, still no luck, gast. Does anybody still have the same executables they used to install both Multiplugin and iTunes? When I go to install Multiplugin, it says it "might not be compatible with my version of iTunes," despite me having the same one as everybody else. This situation is very perplexing.

I think it should also be noted that "searching for updates" seems broken for me. I tried installing 0.66, yet the executable still claimed that there were no new updates at this time.

Edit: Well, I think I figured it out. I had iTunes installed on my secondary drive, so I guess that was causing problems. I reinstalled it on C: and everything was good to go.

I wonder if I can just move the iTunes folder onto the other drive now...

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Thanks, ChimChim! I can see file extensions now, & togle developer mode. :)

I'm a little confused about setting write permissions on various folders needed to make these changes. Sometimes I can make the changes "stick" (appear after switch to my modified skin), other times not.

I'm logged in in as administrator while working on this. Unchecked "read only" for: plugins folder, skins folder, & the skin I'm creating. (They always revert back to read only. Can I change this, & should I ? How?) I tunes is closed, then I turn it on, & switch skins, but sometimes don't see change.

What is the proper procedure?

Also: Is there a library for the hex code for font colors?

; Can anyone tell me how to change the colored bar that indicates a selection in the source list? I see this has been changed in some skins, but I'm having trouble finding it. (Edit: Never mind, found it..)(Still looking for hex color library...)

And: I'm still having a problem of iTunes going to sleep, & becoming unresposive to mouse clicks. I have to minimize/re-maximize to make it work again. anybody have this?

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They always revert back to read only. Can I change this, & should I ? How?

Is there a check: 1111111checkb81.png

or a cube: 1111111cubecbd.png ?

if there's a cube, don't worry, it's on all folders of windows and can't be changed. it's such a mistake of MS

Can anyone tell me how to change the colored bar that indicates a selection in the source list? I see this has been changed in some skins, but I'm having trouble finding it. (Edit: Never mind, found it..)(Still looking for hex color library...)

Do you mean wut i posted before? if yes, could you tell me (pm) how to colorize them? thx.

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It's a check. I've been just re-setting it when I want to work on it. Not sure it would be wise to give write permission to all of c: drive or anything. I can't remember how that all works..

If you want to change the selection bar color in an experimental skin, add or replace iTunes-041.bmp & iTunes-043.bmp (I think...) in the extended folder of that skin. Use your own image, or if it's only for your own use, just steal an image you like better from annother skin.-- I have not learned how to change the pale blue, & white background stripes behind unselected songs yet.

I'm not a skinner so I can't tell you how to make the image,( you have to figure out the dimensions etc.) but go to m-plugin help file for directions to create developer template, new skin folder.

Likewise I've only been able to copy color codes from other skins into skindata.ini, I don't know how to create my own font color. I could use help w/ this. :)

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Error Message: "STOP 0x000000EA THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER (Q293078)"

It appears Multi-Plugin can't be used with unsupported Video Firmware. So if you guys have NVidia or ATI video cards and frequently update, watch out for the times when it says: "Windows doesn't support this version yet". If Windows doesn't support the firmware, chances are that iTunes(with Multi-Plugin) will make the video card hang and cause the computer to restart.

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^Which video card do you have?

Of course, you're talking firmware, which could be a different matter, as I've never heard of upgrading firmware for a said card, just a driver.

Then again, I have an old Rage Pro, so it probably doesn't apply to me, even though ATI's own driver is allegedly 'not WHQL supported', but works much better than the one built into XP for it.

But I'm looking at that error. THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER. For a second I imagined a little thread stuck in the video card's heatsink or chip preventing it from working right. I'm strange.:P

But it sounds more like something between this firmware and your driver not cooperating if you ask me.

I'm going to Google up that Q number and see what I can find.

EDIT:Here's the first thing that flew in my face upon a very quick Google search.


Sounds like you might want to contact your card's manufacturer about it. IMO it sounds more like a glitch in the driver provoked my MPlugin and this firmware together.

But it would still help some of us to know what brand your card is.

Question to all, because I'm too lazy to read back.:P

Does this work with the new version of iTunes or is it a mixed bag gamble?

And secondly, Localhost, whenever you get back, did you ever find what's causing that godawful streaking glitch. It's getting reaaaaallly on my nerves, especially when I'm onnocently browsing the music store. It's not fun to have it streak and cut into copied pieces when I merely scroll up.

//Posts Merged. You know better ;). -NC

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