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Multi-Plugin 2.3 for iTunes 6

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Would it kill people to read at least the CURRENT page when they have a question?

It's not a problem with mplugin.

You need to updates you skins, basically every file in your extended after itunes 181, you need to add 2 to the number

181 becomes 183

295 becomes 297

You get the idea.

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Hi together!

I just encountered a problem with Itunes and the foobar2000 (0.8.3.) passthrough.

If I configure foobar to use kernel streaming as output, there´s no sound output in Itunes with the Multi-Plugin. Sounds strange, I know, and - because it´s an passthrough - there should be no poblem. Under foobar itself ... no problem with the kernel streaming.

Maybe anyone can help me out?




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I installed it yesterday, and it worked fine. But now, when I go to open iTunes, "iTunes has encountered a problem and needs to close."

Error signature:

AppName: itunes.exe AppVer: ModName: mplugin.dll

ModVer: Offset: 00013c22

Can anybody explain what's up?

When I go to uninstall iTunes Multi-Plugin, iTunes will open, but I really want the plug-in to work.

I also use McAfee, if that's of any import.

For what it's worth, I also have had this problem (I have a post in this thread earlier). I haven't heard yet of a fix, but without knowing the exact cause, I don't know how easy it will be.

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I really hope localhost understand how much some of us appreciate his work and rely on his great little proggie. I'm not even considering updating to version 7 simply due to lack of multi-plugin support. I'm sure others are in the same boat.

We can only hope for an update.

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Hey, searched through the forums and couldn't find anything on this. So if i passed over it bear with me. I have a problem when i go from the miniplayer to the regular window, you can't actually click on anything until you click on the menu button or one of the library,podcast...etc selections. Just wondeirng if this is a known bug or is it just a config error.
After a format, I downloaded iTunes 6.0.5 and then ran the M-plugin installer. It refuses to install saying iTunes isnt found. So, I switched back to iTunes 6.0.4 and installed M-plugin.

However, there is a small problem. When I click the restore button from Mini Player mode, sometimes the controls on the main window become inactive. I have to go to Mini Player mode again and come back to main window to solve this :(

I posted w/ this issue months ago. I have same problem. Have heard no reply so far...

If you click an empty section of the mini player before you maximize, then the full window works OK, but then, that is one click too many... Anybody have ideas?--- Also, I hear the crash-on-close problem has been fixed in M-plugin 2.4.1(for iTunes7), any chance that fix can be applied to M-plugin2.3.2?

iTunes, M-plugin2.3.2, Win XP, 2.4 GHz Pentium, 1Gb RAM

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