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Multi-Plugin 2.3 for iTunes 6

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Guest bmnrulez
Change the full screen visual effects resolution:

By default, iTunes lowers the resolution in full screen visual effects for better performance.

You may change this behavior using this option.

Doesn't work for me. The only option available from the drop down list is 640 by 480 and that is no different from the default. Anyone know how to fix this or manually force it??

Thanks for your help.

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Ahh, is there anything you need to do after instaling the plugin to get foobar2000 passthrough working? Mine says that foobar2000 is not installed, and I've got 0.8.3

EDIT: Never mind, turns out foobar hasn't been installed properly for the last few months.

EDIT2: Is there any way for iTunes to add my WMA files to the library?

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Hello there, I loved Multi Plugin on XP, worked great! :D

But I'm having a few issues with getting it to work on Windows Vista Beta 2!

It crashes when installing most the time..and when I do get it to install...iTunes won't open!!


EDIT: Nevermind, it seems to work now :S

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I installed the multi-plugin and clicked the the get hebrew ipod updater and checked enable ipod hebrew support as instructed. The download worked just fine but when I try to install the hebrew ipod updater, I get this message:

Before using hebrew ipod updater, you must install ipod updater 2006-01-10

I have the 2006-03-03 update installed and I can't get around this problem. Any ideas?


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I'm having the same problem as maple, where the titlebar for iTunes is all messed up. I'm running the latest multi-plugin, and the latest iTunes (6.0.4)

Try going into the Menu | Edit | Preferences... | Multi-Plugin | Appearance and set the Skin to Mac OSX - Borders Enabled.

This worked for me...

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Brian6String: Are you sure, because I have a similar problem where the titlebar is blue; gray when inactive (that's on my desktop computer; on my laptop it works fine) and I clicked the WMP11 skin, and that titlebar problem still existed.

Angel Six: iTunes will automatically add you WMAs when you first install it. If your WMAs are protected, iTunes cannot add the WMA files.

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I love this plugin. I first downloaded it and installed it on iTunes 6.0.4. However, I downloaded the iTunes 6.0.5 update, and reinstalled the Plugin, and it works fine except for one thing. I am using the White Alluvium Magnite skin, and since I updated iTunes the browse button is staying the same as the default skin, rather than changing to match the skin like it did before. See screenshot attached:


Is there a fix for this?

Thanks, and thanks for a great plugin, localhost :)

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Ha, neither am I...I have enough cow pattie on my hands with a new Seagate drive that's being naughty.

And by cow pattie I DON'T mean the kind you put on a hamburger (unless you enjoy that sort of thing, in which case I'm not going anywhere near you!).

I do wish I could get that streaking junk to stop though, I'm sick of not being able to scroll through the store without it turning into a chopped mess.

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Multi-Plugin will work with iTunes, however it will screw up most (if not all) of the skins packaged with Multi-Plugin. It appears that Apple has added some new BMP images so the old BMP names no longer align properly.

I resolved this issue for the Longhorn Alternative skin by renaming BMP's so they align with the new number scheme. This will likely have to be done for the rest of the skins as well, but as I don't really use anything else at the moment I am statisfied.

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In order to correct the Bister skin, I renamed the following bmp's as follows -

383 -> 385

382 -> 384

381 -> 383

380 -> 382

359 -> 361

358 -> 360

357 -> 359

356 -> 358

355 -> 357

354 -> 356

353 -> 355

324 -> 326

323 -> 325

322 -> 324

321 -> 323

320 -> 322

319 -> 321

318 -> 320

317 -> 319

310 -> 312

309 -> 311

308 -> 310

307 -> 309

306 -> 308

305 -> 307

304 -> 306

303 -> 305

302 -> 304

301 -> 303

296 -> 298

295 -> 297

294 -> 296

293 -> 295

131 -> 133

130 -> 132

129 -> 131

128 -> 130

127 -> 129

126 -> 128

125 -> 127

124 -> 126

123 -> 125

122 -> 124

121 -> 123

120 -> 122

119 -> 121

118 -> 120

The above changes will fix the issues most are likely seeing with iTunes buttons. I am sure there are other changes that may be required as well, but this resolves the most noticable of the issues after upgrading to

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ive installed a silent itunes6.0.4.2 [didnt want itunes to mess up my quicktime alternative codecs]and i cant get multiplugin to install, it says "unable to patch itunes...'

ive made sure ive shutdown itunes and eveything related down and it still comes up with the same thing. its there any trigger im suppose to use to install it or does anyone know how to install multi plugin silently.

Silent installation switches for the installer. See the help file for more info.

can anyone point in the direction of the help file alternatively??

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Thank you for the tutorial....eyeball1978

I modified the milk theme,of which bitmap resource is a little different from bister you mention here...

I heard that in this new version of iTunes, some core program resource stucture has been changed,so maybe there will be sometime before new version of theme are submitted.

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Hi Localhost,

Cool Plug-in.. cheers..

One thing. is there any way to change the font size... (to sometihng like 36 point) or are you planning it in a new release at all..

I use iTunes on my TV, and need the increase.

Can it be hacked at all?



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