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Apple's True Video Ipod?


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It does look very good- but how would it detect clicks? Would you have to lift your finger of the screen to tap like the old 3G iPod? IMHO that would be a step back for the design of the clickwheel. A screen like that is just beggin for PDA functionality- wonder how long before it is hacked to run linux?

I would love for it to have Bluetooth 2.0+EDR so there would be no need for 2 sets of headphones. And with A2DP I don't think anyone could complain about the audio quality (we are talking about compressed audio anyway).

Without a serious overhaul of the video capabilites and battery life I stil don't see Apple selling this as a video player rather than an audio player. I hate the restrictive macroblock limit on the current iPod and the 2 hours of video playtime is almost unforgivable.

If it does get released I'll bet it will take 2days for a class action suit to be filed for the screen being too easily smudged/scratched.

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And you people wonder why your economy is going down?

Think Secret is still the most reliable mac rumor site so anything can happen.

forgive me if i offend you but how can rumours be classed at reliable?....btw i think everyone has had a wide-touch-screen ipod on their minds so this isnt really that shocking but it would be cool if our 'dreams' were fulfilled

btw it may work in the same way that touch screen monitors work....but on a smaller scale perhaps....it would be soo cool that if you touch it a bezel click wheel appears on the screen just like that!....but the play button cant be touch sensitive...it will have to be on the side somewhere or something

this is the reason why i never bought the current ipod im glad that a rumour like this exists as it fills me with hope

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the mock-ups are really sexy, but some how i dont think they will make that, the price tag would be alot higher, wouldn't it?

. i think its a little wierd that some of you guys are acting like this is out. its just a rumour.

haha. ill wait untill its out, then ill get pissed off for having the 5th gen ipod....

and then get the 6th gen micro with tv,dvd,internet,ichat,mail,chess!!!, and take over the world button(case not included)oh and it will probalby play music.

a week later they'res a rumor of a silver edition is being made due to come out some time a week before the next new modle is released.

i could go on and on....but i wont :P

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as sexy as the video ipod mock ups look im not sure how well it would look.

considering the specs that people have been releasing with the mock up pictures seems like they would never work. considering it looks like the run time gaps seems too big. or not big enough.

with the screen that large. you figure more juice would be taken as it not only has to display normal screen but plus the wheel and then fill the gap in between. at least that what it will seem like.

plus with the smudging of the screen that might get frustrating. I personally haven't used a tabletpc to see how bad the screen smudges. but ive seen the floor models at the store and thats pretty bad.

but i did see a posting saying that apple was gonna making a tablet style laptop so maybe they might use the ipod as a testing ground to see how much abuse it can take.

because im guessing even if the ipods break and don't do to well they are gonna sell out.

but thats what i think.

i personally would think it would be smarter if they made a video ipod like a slide phone.

so the wheel part slides over the unused part of the screen during music playback.

and for video you just slide it open. if you want to watch it larger.

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Guest icey-ice-ice
It's a design mockup by Endgadget and they've updated it with something much sexier :P

they have that dont try and humili8 meh cause in my thread this is the ipod shown it real

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