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Opera 9 will support widgets?

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Just reading about this at these links

Opera Labs http://labs.opera.com/news/2006/02/07/2/

Developer Documentation


Nothing really amazing. You could have been making IE based widgets back to Version 5 at least.

Edit. Actually kinda changed my opinion. Gives another option for web developer's to create site based/related widgets.

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1. They ripped Dashboard's flipping and closing ideas.

2. Why does a browser need widgets? Ever since Apple made widgets popular with Tiger, everyone and their grandmother is jumping the widget bandwagon.

I really hope Opera 9 has better and easier to understand settings.

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It's their way of adding extensibility.

They can add 'extensibility' by improving load times, user interaction and memory usage, this is the internet equivalent of putting go-faster stripes on your car. I t may look nice but it will do bugger all to the performance.

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removed , i m late :P

and one thing, opera need to be running to show widgets, althought browser with 5 widgets is taking something around 15 mb of ram

I usually run Opera at around 30-90mb (too many tabs). Either way, 5 widgets at 15 mb is nothing. (think konfab...)

Opera is still a fantastic browser-- don't see how much faster it could load. (it's at the point of marginal returns as it is). I think widgets was just their newest gimmick-- it's really pointless as you must have the browser open. it's an after thought, and a feature that will probably be ultimately ignored. as an opera user, I tried it out. either way not going to be my widget prog. of choice.

don't let this cloud your judgement though-- opera still rocks.

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