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[help] Failed Install - System Crashed

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Basically I tried to install the flyakite skin but it froze up at around 70% and so did the PC - so I had to manually reset it and switch it off - following that it keep freezing on startup after a few seconds...

Eventually I managed to do a system restore to before I started installing Flyak BUT there are still elements of the skin mixed with windows elements so how can I get it back to windows?

My concern is this patching has made my pc unstable and it seems to be freezing up quite alot and it wasn't before - is that something that can happen? and is there a fix?

Also I can't see McAfee Security Centre screens they are blank when I launch them.

Just in case it helps I also installed IE7 Pre-Beta 2 and I have a problem with my PC where the motherboard does not always detect the SATA hard drives when I restart the PC - this is I belive related to something in the case getting hot as if I ventilate the case or let it cool down windows starts without any issues... Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

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I don't think I will try re-installing it as it did start freezing and crashing after that - I did put the IE beta on AFTER I had restored the settings so I don't think it was the cause.

It does however appear to have sorted out the whole OSX logos issue though which is strange so everything seems ok for now, nevertheless if there is anyway to check please let me know and of course I still can't see McAfee screens although all else appears to be ok now.


I was wrong about it sorting itself out!

It still has the various logos when you try to open a file say in media player it has the OSX icons but nowhere else.

I am convinced the Flyakite messed up my PC and is the reason why McAfee is not working and my PC is constantly locking up and crashing!

I need help to fix it - even if it means manually removing and replacing bits of windows! so please tell me how!


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i strongly recommend not trying to replace simple bits and pieces of windows other than things such as uxtheme. Many of us here have successfully used flyakite in the past, and are anxiously waiting for the v3 release. Its a great mod, however it is a risky process.

If it were me and I was as unhappy as you, I would back up all important data and reinstall windows (repair, and if not successful, reformat). if you run the repair function on your windows cd it will replace all modded system files.

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I wouldn't be surprised if that IE 7 Pre-beta had something to do with it. An official IE release tends to make the whole system unstable, so I don't wanna even imagine what a Pre-Beta might do.

I had IE7 beta when I installed it, no problems for me.

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It was the new Pre Beta 2 - that was out yesterday!

Maybe that was not the cause, maybe it was just that I had to delete all the IE temp files (for whatever reason) and it would have still worked with the beta - but I couldn't be bothered to risk it so just unistalled it!

If I was to download a copy of XP Home could I use that to fix the problems and repair windows? I have a licensed Dell version BUT I do not have the CD with me would a downloaded version fix it as long as I enter my Dell XP product key?

As I would rather not wait but I cannot do anything else until the weekend as regards my PC and repairing it.

It seems to freeze up when I do a virus scan or similar scan of any type! I don't know if that is related to Flyakite BUT if it is I want to fix it as it means no virusscans etc, and the system being unstable currently.

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depends on the version (OEM, full, etc) of the downloaded windows... best to use the cd or image that matches the current OS. Also, I've noticed some OEM XP discs, namely Dell, are not full OS disks, but rather ONLY allow repair and not fresh install.

Virus scanning is pointless in my opinion. I simply use virus protection for initial scans of downloads and email and rely on AVG Free. Just my $.02 tho...

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