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System Files Update

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When starting my Laptop, I always get the message from the Flyakite System Updater "System files have been updated". Is there a way to find out which one these are?

And why, does this message appear all the time when I start my Laptop :confused:?

One might think that it could happen from time to time, when the installation has changed but not every time I boot.

Or is this a hint, that something with my system isen't as it should be?

Thanks for any suggestion! :)

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I already tried that, but didn't help. There are no unknown or unneeded Programs in my Startup Procedure...

It's neither a Virus or a Spyware Program, I checked that to. Anything else I could try?

Or shall I simply turn of the System Files Updater from Flyakite?

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Yeah, this also happens to me with every restart. I was going to ignore it but I figure since this thread is here perhaps someone knows. Not sure if it makes any difference to the diagnosis but I have practically a full install with it (system file wise) I didn't install any of the skins or anything but I don't think that would affect it. At one time I had the control panel oriented system files installed by themself without the rest and didn't have the message so I don't think it's any of those. So if I had to guess it's either one of the .dll or the shell32 itself.

Hope this helps.

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awright, this has been posted before and it's going to be fixed in the next release (3.1) BUT if u don't wanna wait do what I did.

1.- Check the option "View hiden folders"

2.- Go to the Windows floder and search for the folder flyakite

3.- Search for the Update.exe and simply create a folder and drop it there

4.- Problem fixed! if u wanna use it again just move it to the original location

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That is sad way to handle the situation theMAN.... go to Start Menu > RUN... type Regedit and hit enter.

Browse down HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Run

Check for the key that says something like "System Updater" or "System File Updates" (don't remember exactly what is says, since I deleted it couple of days back). Anyways, when u find such key.. just select it and hit DELETE. Voila !! Next time u restart it won't come up. :)

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For another reason I've had to reinstall my system from the scratch. :(

But there's one advantage out of that, i don't have the message anymore of this updated system file :)

Something completely different, I've had made another thread yesterday about a problem I've encountered with using WindowBlinds, I can't find this Post anymore, it dissapeard magically...

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I figured out what the files are. Or at least for me anyways. 2 of them for me are proflwiz.exe. And before it was quicktime. But after a quick quicktime update that one was gone. So how do you stop proflwiz.exe from being updated? To find out your self just go to the manuel system file update in your start folder

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Yesterday I checked out the Flyakite. And it`s awesome, ...but I have some problems with the standby modus. The programm always collapse when my computer changes to the standby modus. Does someone have an advice for me.... I really like the apple design and I would like ton run this programm on my computer....

And,... when I reboot my computer I have problem how the graphic looks like . The Applesymbol is quite Ok, but the typefaces look very distorted "Home Edition".....

Perhabs someone is able giving me some advice... I`m looking forward...

Thank you stereo

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