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[Help] FreeCell.exe

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i can't find freecell.exe options in the list

i replace the freecell.exe spider.exe sol.exe by myself but useless

i uninstall the card.dll and the situation doesn't change

i just can't get my freecell back ...

anyone can help me? thx a lot

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If you have your WindowsXP CD you can try using System File Checker to restore files that have been replaced.

Go to Start -> Run and type

sfc /scannow

Unfortunately this will replace all modified files. So you will need to patch uxtheme again as well as re-apply Flyakite but this should work.

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Finally i solve this problem

the freecell.exe,sol.exe,solitaire.exe seems like that they are irrevalent with the images look like

the only one file decide images look like is cards.dll

but uninstall this file is useless

i find a original cards.dll which is 352Kb in size

and i replace the modified one which is 1.33Mb in size with what i found

Then, Done!

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