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BlackMin dock


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My first submission to AquaSoft. Hope you like it!


Click on image to download

An ObjectDock background I created for my personal use and wanted to share with you guys!

I've included the .PSD in case you want to change colors...

UPDATED May 31st: Removed configuration bug that made the bottom of the dock look incomplete when positioned on the right or left of the screen

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@khazz: yes I made the icons but there is nothing too special about them, just some text with transparent background saved as .png files. I thought four letters was enough to describe any app or folder...

@NC: Not sure about your post but the dl link works fine for me... You can also get this at my DA site http://styrizo.deviantart.com

To the rest of you thanks for your comments :)

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styrizo, I think I have found a glitch where BlackMin gets distorted when the dock is placed on the right side of the screen (The background skin's 'south' face 'smears.') Could you please confirm this? I am using the skin with RocketDock which should read the ObjectDock skins in a compatible way. I just thought you should know as your dock skin is a favorite of mine and has been my backgroud of choice now since you released it ;)

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@firecracker6: Thank you for your kind comments. I'm really proud to hear you've using BlackMin since it was released :)

You were right about the misconfiguration so I fixed it and have uploaded an updated version. I have also removed the attachment since I was running out of space on my Aqua-Soft account, but you can get it from my DA site.

@frease: I'll give YzDok a try, never used though so I don't know if it would be easy to port this

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Well, it wasn't very hard so here's BlackMin in Yz Dock version (actually four backgrounds, bottom, top, left and right). Hope you like it frease ;)

Thanks a lot, Styrizo! Really appreciate your help :D It works perfectly ;)

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Gee!! Aqua dock... I think I'm gonna be the person with the largest collection of dock applications downloaded... ;)

I'll give it a try as soon as I can sanpj11

UPDATE: Actually it seems Aqua Dock uses the same background configuration as Yz Dock (what is this Aqua Dock, just a rip of Mr. Yamaguchi's work?) so you can download the YzDock version of BlackMin four posts back...

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