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SearchSpy Spotlight clone.

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update - RTFM as they say :-)

1. the "hot" hang issue was present in 1.0 version. when updating 1.1 on top, issue still persisted

2. clean uninstall, removing directories and all.

3. install 1.1 and google desktop

4. top, now it works as designed

cheers! again mucho thanks for a nice piece of utility!

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I downloaded flyakite v3.0, searchspy didn't work too well. saw the update, installed it - still the same.

I have the "SearchSpy Menu" in the autostart folder. However I get no results when I search for something. Only after I started indexing. I really have to do the indexing everytime my PC restarts?

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Well hi... I read the 2 first pages and I'm sure my problem was mentioned before.

I'm using version 1.1:

1. I can't use the popup-bar search. If I enter a word (used short and long words as well) and press Enter I hear that short Windows-Error Sound but the application doesn't seem to do anything.

2. I can't Enter the Main-Search-Window on any other way than manually executing "SearchSpyResults.exe" from it's folder. If i rightclick on the tray-icon

I get "SearchSpy" - "Get results based on: " - "Preferences" - "Quit"

but "SearchSpy" Is grey and unclickable

When i had the old version and logged with an non-administrator account i got an error message "acces denied" when i rightclicked on the popup-bar, what made me think there must be a function. Now that I got the new version and I'm logged in as admin a rightclick on the popup-bar doesn't do anything.

3. In the older version there was an executable for Indexing which seems to be gone now.

I don't see nothing to start Indexing neither in the folder nor in the startmenu nor as a process shown in the process-tab of task-manager

4. This app seems to have Big problems with non-administrator accounts in general which is a problem as using a non-administrative account is still maybe the best virus-protection.

I don't want to say that app is bad; All this is to help you understand what's the problem of those who just said things like "i can't use the drop-down-search".

Hope that helped I still think if I finally can use it this is the best SL-clone as it works without GDS

Sorry for my bad english xD


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The Indexer was removed because it was too buggy and I didn't had the time to improve it or fix the issues. you can alwys use Google Desktop, thought.

Nowadays, I have about 2 tests a week at school. There's no time for programming :( Hope I can come up with something buggy free once I have time to.

Thank you for helping ;)

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dude....when i link it with OB,its gr8,but when i click the spotlight button,searchspy appears on the lefthand corner for a split second and then repositions itself to the right location,its kinda distracting to see....are u aware of this behaviour?...if yes...can u pleaaaaaase try to fix it?....pleez pleez....kiddin...take a look into this bro...


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Hi SpyGamer,

I have a little technical question:

Can we use two different indexes for search? One that is for local files and one that is for remote files.

I explain:

I'm on a network of 20 people sharing files on a fileserver.

I would like each computer to maintain it's own index for local files(including the fileserver).

By sharing the index of the fileserver with other computers, users would be able to search on their computer AND on the fileserver without having to index it. Imagine if every computer wanted to index the fileserver... the network would be down quickly (we have more than 200Gb of data on the fileserver).

Thank you

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Great program. I downloaded it with FlyakiteOSX v3.5. But there is a problem that it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't (when after typing the search term I hit enter it makes a beeping sound once and then nothing happens). Also sometimes on bootup , it presents an error message something to the effect that "shell notification icon could not be removed". The pattern is random and I do not know what is causing it.

I have windows xp sp2 with all the updates and Norton Antivirus 2005.

Does the order in which google desktop 4 and searchspy load during startup got to do anything with it?

Also I would request you to allow it to be renamed Spotlight, as otherwise it defeats, to some degree, the purpose of being a Spotlight clone. And it would be great if you add a throbber on the searchspy drop-down pane.


[email protected]

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