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[Link] CoverFlow for OSX

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humm, well, i'm a 3d coder..

i think i'd manage to create the inteface, the effects and so on, but not to read out the coverarts of the mp3s that are stored in itunes (btw, with 10GB music it's pretty slow to read ALL the covers ^^)

or ar the covers of the music in itunes saved anywhere with the mp3 that belongs to?

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most are stored as a url within the xml file defining your library... however it is possible, yet cumbersome, to dl all the cover images and place within the album folder. i believe if you go this route, the image must be named "folder.jpg"

im sure someone knows the exact location of the 'metadata' which is found usually by searching amazon

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woohooo , finaly i rediscovered the name of this app, so, coverFlow is the name i was lookin' for .. hmm

so i-Cover made by Deetox is cool for start, hope it'll be improved , yea.

hidiho ...

UNFORTUNATELy i have a problem, because of i-Xplore, after installation i tried to run it,

and i received several random (X) errors in franch..




when i try to open folder, or shortcuts it's opening with i-Xplore, it's cool, but the problem is, it doesn't work

for me, don't know why, so i deinstalled it ..

After that i can not open anything , no shortcut, no regular folder... it looking for i-Xplorer, because iXplorer

rewrits/change somehting in registry i guess,and after deinstallation it doesn't bring it how it was,

so than mess begins...

how to fix it?


and after that i tried to run i-3Dock but

i receievd one error or something here is the capture


after that i have this window and nothing elese.


help :(

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Damn... It's so freakin addictive.... I downloaded it and now I'm hardly opening my iTunes window !!!

This is way better way to listen to music, like old days where you would pop up CD/cassette in music system and listen... lol

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