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? how part of a foto becomes an icon .png ?


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For Windows: The easiest way to do this without anything like Photoshop is to open up the photo of a face in Microsoft Paint (Start->All Programs->Accessories->Paint) and cut it out using the free form select tool (the button that looks kind of like a star on the toolbar). Draw that around the face, let go of the left mouse button, then press ctrl + C (alternatively Edit->Copy). Then, open the .png file in another Paint window, and press ctrl + V (alternatively Edit->Paste) to paste it in there. Drag the pasted image to where you want it in the .png file, and save it. There you go. :)

For Macs, however, you're on your own. :|

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There are some free alternatives out that offer Photoshop qualities (ie: working with Layers, Transparency, Vectors). One off the top of my head is actually by MS, if I remember correctly, which is in beta that can be found here and there's this one which was orignially supposed to be a MS Paint replacement.

Note: you will need the .Net Framework for the last one to work.

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OK now I have the same problem as I would have with photoshop-how to do it-what kind of tool do I have to use of these freeware programs?

I downloaded:



but then I dont know how to do it-could anyone give me some advice?


**Use the Edit button.**

sorry I forgot

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