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Wondering if anyone has this theme

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I believe the desktop widgets are part of Aeroshell (I have no link for it), a theme for Samarize. The WIndows theme is a mockup of a future Windowblinds theme. The Winamp skin "Spirit" by StefanKa. The Album cover/Media Controler likely for Avetunes (a widget for Avedesk) skin with the Aero theme.

Do a search on these forums for "Aero" and you will find all kinds of links to the goodies.

One other thing, read the forum rules regarding tags so that you stay on the good side of the mods here. Welcome to Aqua-soft!

Edited to add missing links

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Your screen shot there is actually a version of Aveshell created by BetaguyGZT. Paired with a theme Vista theme by Jemaho

As far as i know Aveshell was based on a mix of Litestep and Samuraize. If your really interested in trying it out or whatever... then give BetaguyGZT a note he'll be able to send it to you or even give you a link.

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