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Do you have/had a girlfriend?


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SP's may also upgrade security and prevent trojans from back door entry.... (*rimshot*)

Maybe we need a "dr. love" thread, moderated by our resident cassanovas (I'm not saying I'm qualified or anything), dispensing relationship advice for 13 to43 year olds?

I sincerely hope this security upgrade will never happen...

And to answer the question, yes I do have one and she has all the qualities one can expect from a girl

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:o You watch WAY too much TV. ;) Seriously, is that your real picture of clubs and bars and/or the women at clubs and bars?

Wait:-- "then the disasters come. sex,...". WTF? This is one of the main reasons why you have a girlfriend. Otherwise, what would be the point?!? And, please, use a condom :) .

No, that was an example of a disaster in order of the events. sex alone is not a disaster, untill she's pregnant due to a leaky condom... :P

BTW, I dont watch much TV.


PS: Alilm...? o_O

you havent been around for ages!

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Well! What about wives?? I have one... and you know what! After modding my whole pc into macalike machine she became Mac freak like me! And she uses only my moded one instead of not-moded laptop! So guys if u want ur macalike pc for ur own u better mod one for ur girlfriends or buy a real mac for urself and give her ur old moded pcs! ;)

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i've recently ended a long relationship (with the help of a fling which is now over too). it's funny how i enjoy being alone in the morning and then get lonely in the afternoon, but that's life for ya.

and since this is aqua-soft, i'll say that my ex had a mac (she bought a G3 imac because 'it looked nice') but then switched to PC. talk about heresy.

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This is not even funny, this is spupposed to be a site dedicated to modding and instead we have some prepub teen fantasising about girl friends.....where are the mods when we need them most?

Its not prepub fantasies, since some of us have had girl friends, my first girlfriend was with this really beutifull 16 year old baby sitter Daniela really pretty, , she baby sat my little cousin Miguel at my aunts house, I was shy only to the point of not taking her anywhere didn't want to be shown in public, never bought her anything and rarely talked, it was just a really weird thing, i mean how could this chick who could have had anyone like a 14 year old? I was 14 and had never been with a girl, she had more experience, anyways---Let's keep it PG, please. Thanks! :D -NC

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Doctari same here hahahhaa

she says "I Pay more attention to my powerbook then her"

so i told her if she acted like my powerbook and did everything i tell her to

without nagging maybe then i will pay more attaention to her, hahaha

she laughed shes a good wife.

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