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Do you have/had a girlfriend?



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lol, I don't ever think I've ever understood one post you have made, expect when you wear asking for something. Your avatar is great though ;)

I'm praying for one, once I get one though, I think my church going days will be over, cause there won't be anything much to pray for after that :P

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Guest colraffs

This is not even funny, this is spupposed to be a site dedicated to modding and instead we have some prepub teen fantasising about girl friends.....where are the mods when we need them most?

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XD ohhh hohohoho my girlfriend will be reading this some days later...

I have just one ex... she was cheating on me, then she almost commited suicide when they told her that she might have HIV... then she got an abortion... you know, people pay after all... I felt sooo happy (sadistic, yes I know)

so.... i'm reeeeeeally happy with my current girlfriend, and as dlb, I get the feeling we're gonna get married some time later...

oh well... roar!

offtopic.- I looove the new vB... and GD!

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Strictly speaking, I am not and never will be interested in a romantic relationship. More specifically, I am unable to feel that kind of "love" due to how my brain is wired.

When I love people, I go out of my way to make them happy. I am looking for extremely close, personal relationships that are very close bonds (think a blending of brother-sister and friend-friend). The closest thing to a girlfriend I have is a nice Sophomore whom I speak with daily, take out to events, and keep her relationship with her boyfriend healthy. I'm like an older brother who really cares.

That is simply how I love, both to my parents, my family, and those close to me.

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I have a boyfriend.. Sometimes he could count as a girl because he can wrap presents better than me. :P But just so all of you boys know, you can find a techie girl. We spend just about the same amount of time on the comp and I'm trying my best to figure out how to get my Zpod7 a G5. Plus, I make brownies.

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I have a boyfriend.. Sometimes he could count as a girl because he can wrap presents better than me.
Gift wrapping is all that qualifies you to be the girl in the relationship :( .

Yep, the Purple Prince has a Purple Princess (and no, we are not queens ;) ).

She's not too much into technology. She understands it, but avoids it when she gets confused. We do play video games together (fighting and racing games), and she can kick my ass in the fighting games.

I wub her though (<-- see, me being girlie!).

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