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iTunes Case (Winamp CD Case for iTunes 6)

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It's an alpha version of Winamp CD Case for iTunes 6.

See more information about Winamp CD Case here: http://www.closetosoftware.com/

Since it's an alpha version you may find several bugs.


1) full setup (first alpha version): http://www.closetosoftware.com/temp/itunescase.zip

2) update with the latest build (just the main executable): http://www.closetosoftware.com/temp/itcb56.zip


Download cover and drag image over iTunes Case are working, but these features are still in development...

iTunes Case will make possible to use multimedia keyboards with iTunes even if it is not focused.


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iTunes Case Alpha 1 Build 56 (28 Dec 2005)

- iTunes Case will cache downloaded covers now to apply in a song without cover (automatically)

- Added "Show iTunes" (double click the case or right click context menu)

- iTunes Case will make a local cover search (song's folder), using "folder.jpg" as the default pattern. You can change it in "Options>Search>Local search". You can also use wildcards like: *front.jpg

- Add to playlist feature added (it's not a real iTunes playlist, just a simple playlist so you can easily bookmark a song and import later in iTunes). You can find the feature in the right click context menu.

- all Options are working now

Download (just the main executable, requires Alpha 1 installed): http://www.closetosoftware.com/temp/itcb56.zip

Note: just replace the "itunescase.exe".

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Great idea Carlos............should've known you would need a new challenge sooner or later......but please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease tell me your heart and soul lies with Winamp CD Case? cuz I can tell u right now that you got a lot of fans of Winamp CD Case who are hoping the same thing I'm asking...........thanks for this "new" endeavor!

Nate Dogg

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Great work, I was looking so desperately for an itunes companion clone as a standalone, dropping konfab as a main goal.

Please try to get so close as possible to the itunes companion with the fade-in menues and tag-infos, the slider with the

artist, album and track lists, the easy accessible 3 sizes would also be great! Please keep on developing this,

it's such a great work so far! THUMBS UP!!! :cool:

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This is looking very nice! Works very well...picks up cd cover images nicely. I sometimes get a 'runtime error' and have to restart the app...I guess you know about this.

Please stick with this..wer'e not all winamp babies!

Bloody good job!

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Hi KSoft,

Basically it is only one program now that supports Winamp (including foobar2000 and MediaMonkey), AlbumPlayer and iTunes.

But I'm still making separated executables due practical reasons. But that's all. All versions will use the same folder, settings and skins.

Since Winamp, AlbumPlayer and iTunes have really different interfaces I can't make an auto detect player (or something like that). CAD should start for player "x".

In a future version we will probably have: (1) command line for player; (2) a player selector (in Options); (3) shortcuts for all players. But I'm still making some tests. I hope to finish this soon.


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