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Safari RSS Sage Mod/Skin and GrApple for Firefox 1.5 PC

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All downloads are included as attachments.


This project seems to be the most promising and the only one that has the possibility to lead somewhere. I know something like this has been done before but this one includes a mostly working sidebar and one of the more accurate templates with some usability changes. This is much more of a mod than a skin although it only uses javascript and some modding of the templates.

Important: The download will be of 0.2.2 despite whatever version number it says above because I'm too lazy to constantly re-upload the file. Instead the extension should automatically search for an update and grab the latest version by itself.


1. To prevent conflicting installations, it is recommended that you uninstall any other versions of Sage including all releases of Sage-Safari prior to 0.2.2.

2. unarchive from zip file

3. open up tools > extensions

4. drag in the downloaded xpi file

OR if you don't want to replace your existing sage (although the file is a modded 1.36 xpi and you will not have access to automatic updates)

1. unarchive from zip file

2. go to your C:document and settingsUSERNAMEapplication datamozillafirefoxprofilesPROFILENAMEextensions{a6ca9b3b-5e52-4f47-85d8-cca35bb57596}chrome

3. replace the jar file with the jar file zipped inside the chrome folder of the xpi file

4. be sure that you have not checked custom style sheet

Note: which ever "Feed item order" you choose in Sage Settings will determine how sorting by source will work (source recommended to differentiate from date) and it is also recommended that cookies are not deleted regularly or else all preferences will be deleted.


new features:

* 0.5: javascript cookies, remembers last formatting, records old items and shows new as in Safari; text resized to fit in browser window; global preferences/override, control over removal of cookies, color date of new articles (transitions currently unusable) etc.; better sidebar position determination; smaller close button as in Safari; show only new under recent (unlike Safari) - this is getting a little bloated so I think this will be all for sidebar formatting; reduced height of sidebar

* 0.2.3: print styles added to enhance readability and accessibility, sidebar gracefully declines when feeds are missing needed information, weeded out unnecessary slider code

* 0.2.2: automatic update system, long title names shortened, images that overflow over the menu are scaled down (vice versa works in 0.2.3)

* added close button in search textbox

* leftover search query completed onload

* total in top right now changes as you prune feed

* added read more link (unlike in safari, i opted to not show read more with * article length at 0 and kept the underline for readability)

* non alphanumeric characters are not considered when sorting by title

* fixed positioning, frame emulation with css

* em/en dashes in feeds like yahoo sports

* if no articles are found it now says so

* source, for now, sorted same as date not title, 0.2.3: source is sorted as originally organized by Sage

bugs fixes:

* 0.5: recent items not maintained correctly after sort, messy slider knob, enable/disable cookies messes up total in header

* 0.2.3: pubDate formatting inaccurate (getTime() better choice), toggling image visibility broken, article length broken if an item is missing description, capital letters precedent over lowercase, spacers triggered hide images link, more correct to set default as sorting by source

* 0.2.2: the many feeds with items that are missing pubDates broke all functions, spacer images created random little gray boxes, the manifests were all wrong, the close button peeled away at focused search box

* 0.2.1: close button src attribute wrong

* Binary fix - items with no description made feeds unusable (still partly in effect?)

* toggling visibility of images highlighted text on first click (onmouseup handlers replaced with onclick)

* last month didnt't work from december to january, actually fixed in 0.2.2

* single digit dates not cleaned up

* recent overrided search and vice versa (merged recent and search functions)

* mailto link fixed, subject now automatically set


* 0.6 may take on the challenge of adding support for "" and boolean expressions to the articles search engine, source functions for feedster at least

...who knows?

* 1.0 will only be completed when the Sage Core adopts a custom aggregated feed feature (then source functions can become usable) or maybe I'll just start modding the actual Sage core.

For those wanting Sage resources, go right here: http://www.hicksdesign.co.uk/journal/sage-on-os-x. Just follow all the instructions except don't use the custom stylesheet that will override this mod's.

SHAMELESS ADVERTISING of projects that have gone down the drain

There seems to be no interest in the community for these ideas so development may have been just halted forever.

* Spotlight Emulator, Google Desktop Search - 2nd release fixes so many bugs that I didn't bother to keep track. Grabs results with XML for Konfabulator 2+ (including Yahoo Widget Engine 3).

* Pinstripes, Grapes, and Apples Theme for Firefox 1.5 PC - As the title dictates, something close to a GrApple port was first included, but now has fallen under. Working on themes is extremely painful with my processor (200 mhz Pentium Celeron) because I have to reload Firefox so many times. I never could quite figure out the whole workbench mode, so I'm giving up for now. Included is a release with a finally fixed GUID and name; sorry no other work done, I'm lazy.


1. unarchive from zip file

2. open up tools > themes

3. drag in downloaded jar file


If you find any bugs, there's bound to be a lot of them - just post right up. 0.5 makes use of plenty of new code and 0.6 will probably collect all the bug fixes and finally implement the "show transitions" that is previewed in Sage-Safari preferences.

If lots of people use these, then I will start working on some of the todos mentioned in some of the source code.


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The Sage mod is absolutely perfect. I don't know how to praise it any better than that: it's exactly what I've wished for from Sage mods, but never got. This eliminates one of the last OS X emulation features I've been hoping for (for those curious, the last is a Firefox 1.5 Live Bookmark button-compatible Fusion extension, and a WB5 Tiger theme.)

Thank you so very much.

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Sorry, evan I can't help you on TabBrowser Extensions because I use TabBrowser Preferences instead. All my other extensions seem to work fine with it. And yes, I know that other bug though and I'm going to fix that as soon as I can. Thanks for the tip.

shockme, I thought about doing that but I hate frames. If I get around to another release, that'll be at the top of my list.

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Is there any way to have the 'live bookmarks' indicator (the rss button inside the address bar) just open the RSS feeds directly in sage, ala the real safari? I love this extension thanks for the hard work! :)

I currently use an extension called LiveLines. It doesn't exactly open the feed in the content area; it just adds it automatically to Sage. It probably is possible but it would require modding of the Sage core, something I do not wish to do so just the content/res folder needs to be copied into future releases.

Bug: some feeds won't allow the sidebar to function, one such feed is :


The sidebar (almost) depends on item descriptions. The feed you posted has none so I guess you could call it a bug, in the next release I'll probably hide Article Length for those kinds of feeds and make sure everything else is working.

Edit: Because I have no life, I just posted a fix, not committed to attachment because I'm lazy.

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I actually prefer to not have the shadow, just for readability. If the sidebar is not fixed, it probably means you didn't maximize your window. I designed it so if your Firefox window is too small that part of the sidebar functionality is unreachable then the sidebar is no longer fixed until you resize the window.

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hey inktri nice update, but for some reason the Hide Image option has stopped working, remember it working in the original release. When I access the Yahoo Sports feed or other feeds with images I can't hide the images any longer. Is this normal or something strange happening with my installation.

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Another possible bug?

I have my email through RSS, and when I clicked on the 'Today' link, it shows an email from October 5th, despite today being january 5th :)

Also, none of the sidebar functions seem to work with the aqua-soft forums feed. Probably the feed layout though.

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Binary, that's a big big bug; thanks for letting me know...getDate() only returns the day, not the year and month :)...i'll have to quickly fix all those pubDate functions

Does sorting by title work? I checked the feed - it's a problem because there is no pubDate, only post time so vBulletin didn't bother to follow the proper XML feed format. before the newer releases the whole feed would break but now at least it declines gracefully but I guess not gracefully enough. In the next release, I'll remove all the ui elements of the functions that don't work without pubDate.

CNiles, another bug! thanks, that's the problem with quickly updating stuff.

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