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DockEx Inventory teaser


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Hi everyone,

I made a video-clip teaser of an upcoming feature of DockEx.com:

http://www.dockex.com/labs link updated #2

called: "my stuff"


- seem-less work-flow (remove the need to "refresh" maintaining an app-like feel)

- no folders - everything is "tagged" or "clipped"

Tags & Clippings

- tags: all files are tagged (including system file-specific meta-tags)

- clippings: you can clip multiple elements or multiple tags to create a clipping

- smart clippings: list files that has specific tags and/or meta-information


- DockEx will replace the "news" section with "Community"

- ability to share single files or "tags" or "clippings" to be viewed by the community

- visitors can comment, rate and/or download files by searching and/or selecting tags, clippings

and more...

Happy Holidays everyone! :)

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Thanks judge...

Thumbnails will be available -- working on trying to see if I can create PDF thumbnails as well.

Aspect ratio? When images are previewed their aspect ratios are kept (as seen in the video) -- unless you meant as a thumbnail? Will be working on that as well...

thanks for the kind comments.

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