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Multi-monitor fuddle


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So I've been a happy user of RK Launcher for a good few months now and when I first loaded it up I noticed I couldn't switch monitors with it. I remember having this problem with Y'z Dock as well, where it would appear on whichever monitor I defined as my primary and the "Enable multimonitor support" checkbox was disabled.

This wasn't much of a problem at the time, I just changed my primary monitor to what I actually consider to be my secondary monitor (with Gaim, Rainmeter, iTunes, and other misc programs) so RK Launcher would reside there, and my actual "primary" monitor, now set to be my second monitor, was free. That is, it wasn't much of a problem until I started playing games again, and games also like loading up on the primary monitor. Thus this had my playing on my secondary, which not only is a much worse monitor, but has all my other programs running on it which compete with fullscreen games.

So uh, I'm pretty sure my lack of multi-monitor "support" is due to my using nVidia's DualView setting, but what do I do to fix this?

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Yeah, but:

1. My rig isn't good enough for me to actually care about the framerate.

2. That would still require me to shut down Rainmeter and RK Launcher

3. I would lose the ability to see what people are IMing me at the same time

4. At the rate I do all that I might as well just do what I'm doing now (closing RK Launcher and changing primary) which suddenly seems like far less of an inconvenience.

Plus, workarounds should always be the last resort in programming. Unless you work for Microsoft.

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@Smoovie: you didn't understand. It's not nice to talk about other docks in raduking's subforum -hint hint - the guy who created RK Launcher. Raduking has full right to get disturbed with such comments - after all he has put a ton of effort to his app which he's giving away to you guys for free. It's just a matter of respect and politeness.

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