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How many of you want a Apple computer?



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    • Yes, I did.
    • No, I didn't.

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Been a Mac user since Mac OS 8 back in '98. Yes, OS X is (to me) the best compared to OS 8/9.

Also is this just a pathetic attempt to gain more posts? This is exactly why I hate forums with post counts ... just too much BS comes up. Anyway, I believe post count will be removed as soon as the bugs are worked out on the board.

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hell, I didnt even know about apple or os x back then - I mean the first time I ever used a comptuter was back in 97 :( poor me - but then again, cant say there was too much to do on computers back then anyways - barely any good games, bad ui, slow as poop

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I got my first computer back in 99... but I learned of those older macs because of my school :P... they JUST now (last week) got the new ones lol... I had to deal with them in 8th grade now in high school I have to deal with windows 98 computers... *sighs* and now dell is giving me lots of trouble so yeah, im just plain out sick of PC's and Windows on top of that.

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well it looks like softy is making some major progress w/ vista- so by the time it ships - which'll proly be around a year from now - just the only problem now is the ass ugly hardware. I mean each and every single company out there which makes pc's just has to make the same ugly **** year after year - never changing their design - I mean its been the same big ugly box for like that last 20 years - but the sad thing is, is that ALL pc manufactures make that ugly **** - hp, compaq, dell, gateway, alienware, toshiba... same crap over and over :(

whats the moral of what I just said? - take your pc to the nearest dumpster - and get a mac

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