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Reflective AlbumArt2 for Winamp & iTunes


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I can't get this to work... :(

I install that winamp plugin, then i run avedesk + Reflectiv album, but i can't see the album art. We have to fetch the album covers or the programa does it automatically? Could you show me the light? ;)

As mentioned in the first post, you have to have the album art image named as folder.jpg in the folder that contains your MP3s.

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hey there,

i really like this desklet... but i was wondering if there is any desklet that actually reads the ID3 album art. instead of the folder.jpg i just converted my entire collection to the mp3's actually carrying the album art... I'd hate to revert it...

for those of you liking this desklet, there is also Winamp CD Case... works with foobar and has a lot of extra options such as a notifier etc....


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Got a bug here. Sometimes when I close Winamp and Reflective Albumart is on screen, AveDesk crashes with this dialog:


AveDesk 1.3

Winamp 5.11

ActiveWinamp 1.0

Windows XP Pro SP2

Andreas, it's been awhile. But do you know why this happens and can it be fixed? AveDesk keeps dying whenever WinAmp gets closed. (Using WinAmp 5.21)

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