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[Release] Polaris Clear

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the theme didn't work on my winamp. the main window did not appear after applying the skin. only the playlist. i use winamp v5.11.anybody can help?

Read the instructions properly.

"Enable Alpha Blending (Options -> Preferences -> Modern Skins)"

That should do it. :)

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omg , I second that notion, it IS time to change the skins...thanks for this great early x-mass present....this is just beatiful...

rarely do i see skin that is designed with the ability to be used with the modern features of Winamp...and most of the skins now are day are being done for iTunes, leaving us winamp fans on the sidelines....

, and I am just go greatful and will be looking foward to your next release or skin updates....

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it's sexy and the processor usage is unbelievable too. if only it was a bit smaller it would be totally awesome! (scaling don't work well, makes it look weird) it would be cool too, if the top and bottom bar has a color theme where it's near transparent. (but i think that would be something entirely different, like actual images instead of color codes?)

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this is cool !!!, but winamp sux :(

Lies. Winamp is excellent, and always has been. There are some problems, especially with its Media Library being a pain to use, but overall it's a great program.

And now it's even better, with this skin. Though I wish the playlist window wasn't so damned tall.

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