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Back in 2002


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lol the one thing that brought traffic to Aqua-"Soft" in 2002 and we can't speak of it even to today.

True, though we do have projects such as RK launcher and AveDesk with their homes here. Perhaps if they were more strongly associated with AquaSoft, like the previous "things" then those could become the new heart of Aqua-Soft. Though that is of course down to the owners of those apps. That way Aqua-Soft would be more "Soft"-centric again.

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I joined back in 2003 as "dartbra" ...I dont know about 2002 but I do remember this site being alot more active back then,

Some say the transition from IPB to VB is to blame...

but it could also be that macifiying XP is getting a bit old

Not the aqua style but the the emulation of apps have been done, and theres not much of OSX left to emulate

dock, expose, widgets, etc all been done


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Hmmm why dont we get an official Aqua-Soft VS?? like other comunities, that woudl bring some ppl

LOL we have one - it's default Mac OS X interface, that darn Aqua :P

As of mod wannabes - can you people give me some names so I could deal with them once and for all? :) PM please. Tits are more than welcome.

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This is what it looked like in 2002/early 2003, http://web.archive.org/web/20030205213924/...soft.org/board/

IMO, the site is way more active these days, just there is ALOT less offtopic stuff posted, hence the feeling of the place feeling inactive at times.

Less off-topic threads, which makes the board much more mature. Aqua-Soft has always been my favorite customization board when compared to Neowin and others. Neowin has alot of content, but is just too childish with the "You're a no*b!", "fanboyish" comments and repeated threads of the same subject. Here at-least it's well controlled by excellent moderators.

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I liked it back then....but what happened to Goku and Taha?

There have been Goku sightings lately. But he always runs into the woods when someone spots him and no one can get a clear picture, always fuzzy.

Taha has fallen off the map. Though Coka-Cola crimes have been holding low and steady ever since.

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