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TSA Travel List

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What are you talking about? It says pretty clearly that people are prohibited from travelling with firearms and hand grenades (travel=carrying onto the plane, in the case of guns.) Please alert me immediately if an Uzi isn't a firearm, or if a hand grenade isn't ... a hand grenade, because I will then therefore have to have gone insane.

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And, for what it's worth:

"The prohibited and permitted items chart is not intended to be all-inclusive and is updated as necessary. To ensure everyone’s security, the screener may determine that an item not on the prohibited items chart is prohibited. In addition, the screener may also determine that an item on the permitted chart is dangerous and therefore may not be brought through the security checkpoint."

So... in conclusion, I think you could do a lot better job finding things with which you disagree when it comes to America.

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sure, sure. but straight off the chart: you can check firearms, but not firearm replicas. and yeah, i misread the explosives one. d'oh! still, you can check throwing stars and brass knuckles ( i know i do!), but not "realisitc replicas of incindiaries," what ever those are!

i mean, how does that conversation go...?

me: i have a gun in my suitcase.

them: okay.

me: and i also have a squirtgun in my suitcase.

them: SECURITY!!!

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I don't believe it draws a distinction between squirt guns and real guns. Nothing that resembles or is a weapon can go on the plane with you, period. If you're wheeling your suitcase onto the plane, it's saying that you can't have a gun, a toy gun, anything like that, period. With guns, you're allowed to have them in your checked-in luggage, i.e., the stuff that goes into the plane's cargo hold that you don't have access to. So no matter how you read the list, at the very worst, it's saying that you can't bring a squirt gun onto a plane, which might seem irrational, but, well, a terrorist with a toy gun spray-painted black is something the TSA would like to avoid.

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