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Template Aqua-Soft Cloned??

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I am studying international, constitutional and EC-law here in Sweden.


Juridically you could, because you have officially bought it under your ownership with permission of Aqua-soft, which gives you henceforth the right to publish and copyright it. At least according to the legal systems in Europe and European Commission Law.

An interpretation problem is that if you copyright it under your own name, it might also count as redestributation. Then there will be two different copyright owners, which is not legal. In that case the former one should of course be the rightful owner, but it's legal as long as theemex.net doesn't make any advantage of their ownership by taking actions such as selling it and claiming that they are the authors.

But I guess Chinese Constitutional Law is much more complicated and more traditional than the European Law. So the whole thing would be complicated to solve if you would like to sew them. :P Prosecution would be unneccessary, so it would be enough if you send them a warning concerning the consequences.

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