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AveScripter feature request thread


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We all have something we would like to see in the next version of this excellent desklet/app and instead of starting a new thread for each request, why not post it in one place so pcm and the gang can have a better overview of people's wishes?

Keep your requests simple, easy to understand and make sure what you request isn't there already there. Also make sure NOT to repeat what other people have already requested.

PS I'm sure a mockup would speed and ease up the process ;)

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I've asked for some of this before:

- Web Browser control, with the ability to send commands (back, forward, stop, home, reload, up a level and go), have links launch IN the browser from outside of it (like Uziq's MiniBrowser control based on Oborzevatel for litestep). Based on IE so that shellfolders work (and have full access...). I've BEEN doing this by overlaying one from Samurize on top of the AveDesk config, I'd like to be able to do this natively using AveDesk alone.

- Expand the capabilities of the Menu control by allowing the user to set a folder for it to read (example: the Start Menu/Programs folder). I have use for this almost immediately.

- Give example uses for all the AveScript functions in the documentation. That way myself and others who may not fully understand things can have something to go on.

- Another request: have a drink on all of us. :) You guys are doing good, keep it up.

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I'll get to work on the AveScript functions documentation. Seems like a simple task, but its always alot of work to type out documentation. Not to mention its boring as hell. Not to mention, it takes me away from doing other thing. :slant:

I've been trying to get a browser working with Avedesk, but been running into many issues. The one trick I got that worked is to create a other windows that overlaps the desklet. I got this to work, but then I get Zording problems. Been trying to make it draw in the desklet directly, but I get lots of problems with paint timing. Things like Flash player etc. Ave windows are all layered windows which has advantages and disadvantages.

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A similiar problem was encountered when Uziq was making the MiniBrowser. Apparently the solution is to set the browser to absolute top in the layering z-order (where it belongs anyway lol). No other layers in THAT config could cover it up, but other configs could. It's still going to pop to the topmost when it has focus, but it's a workaround.

As for the z-ordering problems elsewhere, I've run into that. For instance, with AveClock the 'always-on-top' desklet z-order setting dosen't always keep it on top, and the taskbar ends up covering it up for no reason. If we can get an 'absolute on top' selection for z-ordering that would be pretty cool.

And thank you for considering the documentation additions. Believe me, it'll help a lot of people. :D

As for the browser, why not make it a plugin like a dll or something where AveDesk isn't responsible for drawing it, but keep it hovered above the config (like Uziq's). Wouldn't that solve the problem?

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What I'd really like to see is that nifty Weather widget that comes with Avescripter have a moon phase function. THAT would make it complete. It's the only weather widget I use and I've seen quiet a few; Konfabulator, DesktopX, Dashboard and ObjectDock (They're called docklets, I know, but still......) to name a few. By the way, I love the colors. It looks great.

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Now, I see, they all ask either of widget or of AveDesk feature.

I need:

  • a way to write a file from a string (or did I miss something?)
  • a way to simply draw on the layers
  • a way to colorize layer, keeping it's alpha

Tho integrated WebBrowser or barely Rich Text editor would be supernice too...

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I was hoping for some Horoscopes ;) kinda fun to read some nasty tips sometimes... you never know when is the good time to get some sandels from ladies ;)On the second thought, It would be nice to grab some Exchange Rates for dudes like me... xe.com allows fetching those.... (html strings they give)

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Also I've got an idea of fonts feature. There should be group in . The dev should indicate the fonts required by the widget, which may be not present in the users' systems. Font files should be bundled together with desklet (as it was in Black Gloss Calculator). If the font indicated in group is really not present, AveScripter temporarily installs it from the file (when the widget is closed, the font is uninstalled). Or, if this is too complicated, AveScripter offers the user to install appropriate font file FOREVER. In the later versions, also, it would be nice for AS to check all used in widget fonts for existance - and if they don't exist, substitute them with, for example, Arial or Tahoma, which are now on every XP machine.

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Another request:

As I told yu once before, pcm, the inline effects (like SHOW or HIDE) should be available also from scripting scope. This could help to get rid of inline effects totally - there'll be inline scripts instead. Currently we can't use inline effects in the item events. With scripted effects we can use them anywhere.

Also the effects themselves should be enriched with the ones like ROTATE (do a rotation animation), HUEROTATE (need I explain?), FLIPHORZ (a desklet-flip-like pseudo-3D horizontal animation for one layer only) and FLIPVERT (a vertical analogue of previous).

And OnDoubleClick event (versus OnClick) wherever possible, if you please :)

And a shadow effect for text layers (like in AveTunes)

Can't wait for new releases from you! Thank you for your work.

P.S. Today I recieve my ever first Linux CD shipped. I'm so excited! If only I could have AveDesk there...

// 2 weeks later

Because I won't see you, Phil, on AIM tonight, I have to post my new requests right here:

1) Clipboard operating routines (at least Put/Get Text To/From Clipboard)

2) Filling a layer with image (GDI+ brushing with all features). And it would be great for brushed layers that sourcing and masking are also available (source drawn above the fill, mask affects all).

3) Mask source should be a separate property, just like the real source (masksrc). it would give a lot power in skinning.

[rumor][whisper]Guys, he told me of a new release soon. The world is spinning too fast[/whisper][/rumor]

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I'm going to post this in the weather thread as well but I was wondering...

Is it possible for a Avescripter object to 'push up' on desktop borders. For example I have konfabs weather widget at the bottom of the screen above my taskbar. If I expand the widget, it pushes the widget up, and not under the taskbar.

Can Avescripter objects do this? Because i'd love to switch to Avescripter weather full time.

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Ability to communicate between flash and desklet script would be great.

I mean - when in browser window, flash can execute js functions, declared in html, so it could be extremely useful to do such things in AveScripter.

I'm even ready to pay for this feature, because it's the only thing i need to create loads of useful widgets (i'm bored with pixel-soup xml skinning).

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I don't know enough about flash on how it can execute stuff.

But I can tell you the next beta release will have flashplayer and lots more support.

I'm in the middle of just finishing off a few things and online help.

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I have seen the last beta you've done, with flashplayer (with asteroids game), and that's why i have such request =)

If you tell me, how do you load flash into the desklet, i can tell you, what approach will be easier to implement. And, perhaps, i can help you with this part of coding, if you don't mind.

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Well, the last beta implentation was scraped for a better one. I now support all activeX so this allows other stuff to be executed.

I'm in the middle of typing the document. I want to release the next beta with a document update. Atleast a document with all the information, then I'll go back and add examples.

Once I'm done. I'll be more than happy to exchange info.

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