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Firefox 1.5 released

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Get it while it's hot ;)

The award-winning Web browser just got better. It’s free and easy to try. Join the millions of people worldwide enjoying a better Web experience.


I'm off to bed now and if i wake up and see gazillion "OMFG F1R3F0X OUTZ!!!1111eleven" threads i'm gonna be royally pissed ;)

PS I can't express how much i love Firefox. Mozilla guys have done a great job! Can't wait to toy with it tomorrow ^_^

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Pandaemas, I don't think you lose your settings or preferences when uninstalling. (like bookmarks and extensions)

Can someone tell me honestly, if this firefox release is faster than the older ones? I've been using 1.04 for a long while now, and it is slow as a gosh darn turtle! Also, is Firefox still a memory hog in this release?

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hi to you all, 1.5 is announced, i have already installed it, it messed up all to hell, then i just have reverted things, i came back to previous 1.0.7. now it's beautiful again. thank you all guys at mozilla for giving us a product which was worked out so hard and messed up all other's work so much. stay away from 1.5 for a while. if not, you're gonna have a very poor gui with totally messed up extensions, themes, nav bars and search bars. this is hellish.

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To Vague and other who were asking about memory usage:

In my testing, I have found Firefox 1.5 memory usage to be a significant improvement over all previous versions. I too suffered from Fireox RAM usage skyrocketing, 'specially because I tend to leave the browser open for days at a time. It seems to be releasing memory on tab closes better this time, though these are non scientific observations.

Highly recommended, despite the chore of having to find new themes, plugin updates, etc.

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