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[help] big big problem with flyakite osx2 and partition magic

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hi guys,

just before an hour i started partition magic to do some resizing stuff...

it had to reboot and make its thing in the boot procedure, but because the boot screen is skinned by flyakite osx i cannot see anything... hdds don't seem to work at the moment and nothing happens..

can someone help me ?

i don't want to reset the pc and loose all my data :slant:

i've also tried pressing all possible buttons from y over n to enter and stuff... nothing :(

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just before the flyakite screen with the apple logo, you will see a small cursor flash in the left corner of the screen. At this point press and hold down f8 for advanced boot options.

You could try, at this point, return to last good configuration or start in safe mode. Both of these should allow xp to boot up, and give you a chance to rectify any damage done.

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Just to let everyone know, this will not be an issue in v3. I have developed a dynamic patch that will actually patch the ntosknrl.exe file itself, meaning the bootscreen will not hide startup procedures, but it will also support a progress bar (no spinning thing, that's impossible)

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