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I can't access my Needlemen website


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i emailed cassius i got this reply. i hope it helps you:

Did you subscribe to our mailing list as requested upon the activation of your webhosting service?

If so, you are aware that we are moving to better, more reliable servers.

Where Needlemen is currently hosted is unreliable and this will soon end.

On 11/22/05, Patrick Yan wrote:

What's wrong with needlemen? I'm getting concerned since it was down on sunday, and then on monday all needlemen hosted websites loaded a blank white page. If you could please inform me what is happening, it'd be much appreciated.


Patrick Yan



NeedleMen Media | http://www.needlemen.com

Pierre-Luc | President

Need any help? | [email protected]

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what's wrong with you? your post is both flame and off topic... which constitutes suspension

i posted the email i got to help him, and then you insult my website? i don't think the thread was remotely "critique my website." in case you wondered my website isn't orange anymore--that shows how much you know.

anyways mods never respond to post reports so it doesn't matter

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I'm having problems with my site also. Do i have to email cassius or will the problem be sorted soon? I think i got an email a while back about how they are changing names.

i guess needlemen will somehow fix it self? i don't know how long a server change will be. it's been almost a week already..

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I emailed them the moment i received the message saying that needlemen will become a paid hosting, asking if my account will be removed and will i be forced to go for the paid account. cassius said Aqua-Soft users will retain their needlemen account. so i'm really worried about these access problems lately because, i dunno, maybe they're rethinking of deleting our accounts as well. :(

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Cassius is moving the accounts slowly to a new and more powerful servers, they're moving the paid one first and then all of our account after( I have no complain with that because it's free) Cassius said as well that we will keep our free accounts.

Edit: My site is backup and actually I've just upgraded from 1.5 to 2.0 beta 2 in Wordpress and it works really good :)

@Pyn, I agree with Photo... What's wrong with Needlemen? is not a cordial form to ask for something :P

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styledev & willy dot needlemen dot com don't work :

@Pyn, I agree with Photo... What's wrong with Needlemen? is not a cordial form to ask for something

photo wasn't referring to my email he was just insulting me. yes i can see it is not nice to ask what is wrong with needlemen, but i was furious he never answered my IMs for a whole day so i just sent email pissed...srorry

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