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Object Dock Backgrounds/Skins


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Originally posted by Asapin@Dec 2 2002, 11:43 PM

Objectdock .65 compatible. Extract the 3 folders into your ObjectDock\Backgrounds directory and they are selectible from the objectdock properties.

*note* copy and paste the following url in our browser to download *note*


Many thanks! ^_^. I sorta like your grass better...no surprises like Goku's theme...but it was a nice touch Goku! :)

Good winter theme! ^_^

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well here is one of the skins I've made ported over to ObjectDock from Y'z Dock and I even took advantage of the foreground feature.........I hope Y'z Dock gets that soon.


copy and paste this in your browser or if you use a download accelerator make sure the referrer is blank

if you want a preview pic of it go to http://www.deskmod.com/core.mod?state=view...w&skin_id=20229 (this pic is what it looks like in Y'z Dock not OD and it doesn't show the foreground layer)

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