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FlyakiteOSX / Windows Updates / Uninstalling question

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I've used FlyakiteOSX for a while now, during which time I've had numerous Windows updates and updates to other installed apps. I've also run the FlyakiteOSX Updater a few times.

I'm considering uninstalling it now, but I'm just a little nervous that it's going to restore some old out of date files. Am I right to be cautious, or will it all work fine?

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I don't really want to make a new thread, but I have a question.

Whenever I turn on my computer after installing Flyakite, it shows two boot options, one is "Microsoft Windows XP" and the other is "Microsoft Windows XP (bootscreen)" Help would be appreciated.

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Do me a favor:

Go to Start Menu-->Run-->type in "msconfig"-->Select the BOOT.INI tab-->Tell me if any of those "Boot Options" are checked.

Also, are there two options? One should be set as the default.

This is probably the cause of your problem. I don't think Flyakite had anything to do with it ;).


P.S: "msconfig" should be without the quotes.

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