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[help]what file to edit to change startup screen looks

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cool....is there a way to do that with system file edits....i'd rather keep it all natural to prevent any slowdown

I believe these programs actually create a file then do the replace operation for you.

They are not run at startup, so there should be no slowdown.

Technically, it should also be safer as well.

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I haven't used these programs for a while, but here's how I see it:

* Loading and login screens are seen before startup items can be run

* Therefore, the only way these programs can work is by patching/replacing the starup files

* So, there is no reason for these programs to actually run at startup (by that time we've already seen both startup and login screens).

* Finally, if they do run at startup, you will be able to disable them without I'll effects.

Again, I have to say it's safer than trying to patch/replace the startup files yourself.

Remember that these are legit system files, so modifying them yourself can cause trouble if you do it incorrectly.

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