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[help] Changing program icons in titlebar

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I think that "xCap" from methodik can do this. I no longer have the program and meth's site has been done for a while. >_:))

I personally would like to have it again.

Anyway, I'm thinking that ShellWM could also do the job.

Firefox Icon


Change the window icon

You can change Firefox's default window icon to any icon you want, by following these steps:

1. Go to the folder you installed Firefox in (e.g. C:Program FilesMozilla Firefox) and then go to the subfolder chrome.

2. While in chrome, create a new subfolder called icons, then go to that folder and create yet another subfolder called default. The full path to this folder could be C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxchromeiconsdefault.

3. Choose the icon you want to use (on Windows use .ico files, on Linux use .xpm files) and then place it in this folder and rename it to main-window.[ext], e.g. main-window.ico on Windows and main-window.xpm on Linux.

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okay well if you open firefox.exe in res hacker there will be a bunch of folders open the folder icon group then it will have three more folders open one of them and click its contents (its a weird green icon) it will be the firefox icon group right click the green icon and go down to replace resource. another windows will open, click the open file with new icon button choose the safari icon you want and press okay then on the right side click replace do this for all three icon groups,once your done save the document and use that file to open firefox. you can use the same process on any dll or exe file you want. have fun

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