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yeah im geting the guid error too.. and im using 1.5 rc2..

ot : people should start to make their themes compatible with 1.5, as it is soon to be released.. i understand why some may be hesitant, but the core of firefox is done, now its just the time when all the miniscule bugs are being filtered out to make it more solid for a final release.. and even then, after 1.5 is distributed to the masses, there will be further 1.5.x updates as more bugs are found.. dont be afraid! start focusing on 1.5.

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.....i mean the buttons in like dialogue screens....buttons for like ok and cancel and stuff like that....btw the problem that people are having is due to the fusion extension....this theme should have been based upon a theme that supported the fusion extension properly....unfortunately there is no easy fix for this!

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