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You know you have the most amazing girl in the world when...

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Ok, so I havent been around here for a while... work was manic and i had absolutely no time for anything... what with main job and finishing off the post production on a feature length dvd as well... anyway... luck turned bad a few weeks ago when i was made redundant from my job... I was absolutely floored... No job, no money, I felt useless. Then, to cap it off, my lovely lovely car (A black Volvo C70 Coupe, in case you were wondering) was broken into outside my house. Both door windows were smashed, and my iPod Mini was stolen out of my glovebox!

Now sure, I could have claimed all this on insurance, but when you're driving a car like that at my age your excess is pretty high, and I couldn't afford for the premiums to go up either. I was thining i was going to have to lose the car... Not to mention being seiously f***ed off about the iPod!

Enter... My girlfriend. Not only did she organise finding glass from a breakers yard and getting it ordered (on her credit card, i might add, so that I didnt have to bother about it until i had another job), but she arranged for one of her mates to come up and fit it for me, and then i found out about half an hour ago she had replaced my iPod which was stolen with a shiny new, black, 4Gb, iPod Nano! All this from a girl who earned much less than i did a month when i was working... And she said its not an xmas present or anything like that... it was "just to make me happy"... Not only is she wonderful... but outpourings of generosity like this are not something I am used to... I feel so privaleged to have someone who thinks i am worth all the effort that she has gone to for me lately... I'm sorry for the blubbing, over-emotional state of the post... but i needed to tell someone apart from her how wonderful i think she is...

Anyway.. on with the music copying!

Hope to be seeing you all around here a bit more again now.. Cheers

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One more comment like that shockme and i will ban you. This thread is not place for your tasteless, rude remarks.

Now back OT.

It's a shame what happened to you DEEJ but at least it showed you what treasure you have standing by you. That girl is a keeper and you should make sure you play your cards right ;)

Even a bad situation can bring you something good. In this case you realised what a great girl you have so try not to be too upset about your car/iPod.

Hope to see you around more often ;)

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I agree with all you guys that say 1) She's a keeper and 2) that i should spoil her as soon as i get the chance. And yes, she is amazing. What can i say? A girl that will buy you a shiny new iPod Nano (a nice blac one, too... which here in the UK you cant seem to get hold of for love nor money at the moment... I'm truly blessed.

Oh, and Unbe... Nice to see you again, man. I'll be back around here a lot more now i think... Need to keep my head active somehow!

Cheers all... I'll be sure to let my girlfriend know you all think she must be a saint or something!

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you lucky dawg... :)

To get someone who does something so selfless like that in today's world is a true bliss... forget the damn car..forget the nano.. just to know that someone like that is there for YOU is most precious feeling in the world. I won't say that you wrote all that in over emotional state man.. I would have too, screamed on top of mountain.

Congrats Mate.. to posses such a treasure !!

PS: she's got any sister? ;)

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