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MyIE2beta -- great skinnable tabbed browser

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I simply decided which buttons I would actually use on my toolbar (not all of them) and opened the images for hot and cold buttons for both themes... the images from Goku's theme and the images from any ol' skin for MyIE2. Then I went through, icon by icon, in Photoshop and copied Goku's images over the MyIE2 ones. Very simple. I also added a nifty gradient background to it, because I like how it looks :P It's not true to the OS X browser, but I don't care. I like it.

I can make a more official OS X-looking one if anyone wants it, but I still need somewhere to host it all.

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Would someone here that knows how to make skins kindly make an official-looking mac internet explorer skin?? Ricky you mentioned that you could make it. I can host the file, but I am sure contrasutra would be glad to. If anyone is up to the task, that would be much appreciated. :D

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