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I got my new 20" widescreen

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Have been really interested in a Apple Cinema Display since they came out, my CRT take to much space and the colors looks to dark... After searching around on forums and other sites I found that Dell 2005FPW and Apple Cinema Display is almost the same display some small diff.. (if you look inside) Now that Dell has 30% off I could not be happier, The Apple Cinema Display sure looks sweet, but how often do you look at the edges of a screen? I don't. (well when I pass my desk perhaps) I'm a sucker of good design, but the 200$ difference was the "only", but a big thing that made me buy a Dell.

Every single display looks so much better then my old CRT and they have but my 19" back to stoneage.

Hey flintstones, need a display? Cause my new one ROCKS!

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I would go with Malek, almost the same thing I got for LCD. Personally I favour CRT... Still, I wish to buy Apple 20" Cinema display. :D.

Anyway... does anyone know any good WideScreen CRTs (pref 19")?

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Thansk all for your reply!

crni: Im gonna look in to the forum, thanks! Yepp! I watched some minutes from Lord of the rings DVD yesterday night, it's sweet! I'm gonna play the HL2 again and Lost Coast, I think I'll get a better experience this time in widescreen =D Oh F.E.A.R supports it to, that's nice. Havent play so much.. the screen is for work and for fun =)

Kenta: Here is a Description:

* 20.1" Widescreen LCD Panel with 1680x1050 Native Resolution

* 600:1 Contrast Ratio

* 12ms Response Time (Grey-to-Grey)

* 176 Degreee Horizontal and Vertical Viewing Angles

* 300 cd/m^2 Brightness

* VGA, DVI-D, S-Video and Composite Connectors

* Built-In 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub

* Pivoting LCD Screen

* Picture-In-Pciture Capability

* Includes VGA, DVI and USB Cables

shmengie: ViewSonic is a good display, but 1680x1050 and 1280x1024 it's a big diff.

igo and Malek: CRT is still nice, except my old one ;P. and I could only have 75hz in 1600x1200, thats make me sick. so 19" 1280x1024 like I hade on my old CRT (but save desk space) or 20" to get higher resolution and save desk space. Not a difficult choice =D So I could not go whit a CRT I have hade a really bad working position until now. And finally everything match, all back. KB, Mouse and display.

D14852001_neko and nappystudios: It's gorgeous =D

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