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Lame, but funny joke :P


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old title: hat the hell!? When did AveDesk become payware?!

You never told me you were planing this? And since you're ignoring my messages could you explain me what is going on? All my desklets turned gray and won't react :slant:This is a joke but don't tell!



it was a lame joke (Ave's idea :P)

you might still pay for it if you wish tho ;)

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WTF...This has GOT to be a joke

Yo, how long did you have AveDesk on your pc before you got that message?

I've been using it for a month cause i was (at least i thought so) Ave's companion on this one. I was one of the main testers.

Did anyone else get this message?

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Guys have you noticed this? this is from the readme.txt. take a look of this sentence. " This means that you are not free to use this application if you wish,"

question: What does it mean? i never understand what does it mean.



AveDesk is not freeware, but DONATIONWARE. This means that you are not free to use this application if you wish,

but that you should donate a small amount of money to the AveDesk authors if you like AveDesk and use it frequently.

Donating is not enforced, it's rather a legal trick to make sure no-one runs away with AveDesk for free :-).


Please state your opinion.

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