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[Help] Name of the font in Widescape Weather Widget


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First of all, The title for this thread is horrible.

1. Spelt incorrectly - Question on Qestion

2. Should be tagged. [Help] or [Request]

3. Should actually mean something - example; "[Request] Font in Widescape Weather Widget"

//Topic title edited

If I was a mod... :slant:


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Topic title edited.

Waski don't cuss in public—I can understand it, remember ;)

And what is more important: be patient, perhaps someone will help you. Or just download Widescape Weather widget, unzip it, dig inside and you'll find the font name yourself.

@Wuzzie: stop playing moderator or you will get a nice, friendly ban.

@Nightcrawler: stop playing moderator on Wuzzie or.... you know the rest :P

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