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RK Launcher v0.4 - BUG REPORTS


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OS: Vista -Latest Build

RK Launcher 0.41 build 282

CPU: Amd 64 x2 4200+

When I minimize Windows Live Messenger 9.0 BETA to RK Launcher, then CPU usage is 50% and when i restore it, then CPU usage is normal again.

Same problem was with Live Messenger 8.5

Sometimes is that problem with Windows Task Manger also..

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Guest alekwo

Windows XP SP2

Excel 2002

When I have multiple spreadsheets (normally shown in different windows) and switch on minimize to dock I can't switch between those sheets. Switching off minimize to dock option resolves the problem. Adding Excel to exception list didn't help.

Regards. Aleksander.

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Guest alekwo

Actually I noticed that problem exists also if I start RKLauncher with "minimize to dock" disabled by default. Than to make it possible to switch between Excel spreadsheets I need to check it on and than off.

I'm using RK Launcher 0.41 build 282

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intel PM 1.7

512+512 RAM

ATI 7500

windows xp sp2

bug: whenever i launch the RKlauncher 0.41 ivista version,( dono why theres that version and i can run on xp,) the windows task bar will disappear, when i quit the RKlauncher, it appears again, no matter where i put the bar( top, left,right) still the same. but the RKlauncher video does not like that, is that because i use the ivista version?

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I just found the nightly build. The change list let me hope, that this is already fixed. If not, i will post again ;-)


Hi, I've found an important issue! I was wondering, why my notebook was always accessing the hard drive, even if i do nothing. And because my notebook-batteries go faster empty, I took a closer lock with DriveMon. Of course, there was this and that, but i was shocked by the access from RKLauncher. I use NO docklets. Just folder shortcuts. But RKLauncher keeps accessing files like in the attached screenshots.

Its accessing all running programs and even some strange thinks like alg.exe (MS Firewall)...

And CONSTANTLY. Every 0.7 seconds it runs through these files. Again and again....

I think, this could be caused by the feature to minimize the programs to RK, or the "Running Indicator". It would make sense, if its needed to check the running tasks.

But I simply don't use such features. Screen3.jpg show my config on behavior.

I think this is a major issue, especially for notebook users. It would be very nice, if someone can found a solution.

btw, can you see the same issue in DiskMon with your RK Launcher?

Thanks, Atreiju




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using the latest rklauncher....when i use more than one sysstats docklets i get an error " CLASS ALREADY EXISTS" ...can anybody plz help me rectifying the problem...plzzz

I've the same problem (with stacks doclet by matonga) but both docklets are working without errors.

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Windows XP, 2.0 GHz, 768 MB RAM

Whenever I restart the program, it appears on the top left of the screen, instead of the bottom middle where I keep setting it to. Also, the taskbar is always there and whenever I turn it off it comes back a few minutes later.

I am having the EXACT same problem. It just happened mysteriously one day, I installed RK Launcher to a different folder and it worked as normal for a while, then the top left thing started again. Now no matter where I install it to, it always appears on the top left and forgets all my minimize and magnification settings when I start up my computer. It's a real dealbreaker for me, which is really upsetting because I much prefer RK to Rocketdock or Objectdock!

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using the latest rklauncher....when i use more than one sysstats docklets i get an error " CLASS ALREADY EXISTS" ...can anybody plz help me rectifying the problem...plzzz

When launching RK Launcher, if you get a "Class already Registered" error. Click OK and it will continue to load. That happens because it is running 2 or more Stacks Docklet at the same time. To get rid of that error follow these steps

Go to C:Program FilesRK LauncherRK Launcher 0.41 Beta Nightlydocklets for old version or C:Program FilesRKdocklets for new version

Look for StackDocklet - Copy folder and rename it to StackDocklet01 , StackDocklet02 StackDocklet03 ,stc for as many stack docklets you need . After renaming the folder, open it up and also rename the .dll inside that folder to StackDocklet01.dll, StackDocklet02.dll, etc.

That's it... Remove one of the Stacks icons in RK Launcher (one of the duplicates that is generating the error), Add a new Stacks Docklet from your new ones 01, 02, 03, etc you just created and you will not receive the error message any more.

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i have tried almost every latest build of RK and still have one thing that I really want to change - when you press My computer (Finder) icon - Rk thinks for a bit. It looks like it checks all drives and therefore it takes time. Is it possible to make that thing faster and smoother ?

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Hey guys, I just recently started using RK launcher and I use another program called Autodesk Maya 2008, I seem to of ran into a problem. When I am inside of Maya...I can open sub windows..like the render settings or a render view in a smaller window..once i minimize the sub window, the whole program(all of Maya) minimizes to the dock, Is there a fix for this already?

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this just started happening and i have no idea what could have caused it. but i had rk launcher v4 installed and upon restart all items in my items.conf were completely erased. i redownloaded the script as i had my thing on transparent so i couldn't find the bar (jeez) and upon another restart it happened again.

i tried downloading the nightly build but the same thing happens. any ideas?

xp sp2

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Firefox 3 beta 3 minimize problems. It wont minimize to dock and is not on the exception list either. it bothers me because i have the taskbar minimized.

Intel Celeron d 2.66 Xp home sp2 512 megs ram

Same problem with Portable Firefox 3.0 (on Windows XP).

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I con't configure some ObjectDock docklets properly. I tried putting a custom icon (it was for the clock) and RK Launcher crashed.

I run on WinXP SP2. AMD Thunderbird 1GHz.

so do i

sometimes i set the options,but when the computer restarted,all i settings were gone!

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I've got a strange bug since i wanted to change the docklets symbols..

A few months ago it worked for me but now RK Launcher always crashes when i try to edit the icon of any of the docklets.

I then have to kill RKL with the task manager and the icon changes are lost.

Please help!

Windows XP SP3

Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz

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Hello all,

I've been using RK launcher for a few weeks and it works fine.

But since a while I'm having a major issue. Some applications (grabit, skype) won't pop up from the windows taskbar. the minimisation changes from windows taskbar to rklauncher and vice versa; but that aint the problem. I just can't get windows to maximize/get visible on my screen! you can click it, or right-click and maximize/open but it wont work.


I've searched the forum, have found related questions but no answers.

AMD Athlon 6000+ dual core

8600 GT 512 mb ddr2

3.5 GB GEIL memory

MSI k9n sli motherboard

winxp sp 3

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