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I really can't wait for drag and drop in 0.5 But another thing I look forward to in RKlauncher is auto-resizing to fit the screen. When I minimize a lot of windows. RKlauncher can become huge and will Fill the whole screen from left to right on the bottom and I can't make some of the windows come back. It needs to have a maximum width setting where after that the size of the icons gets smaller and then bigger when the size of the dock get's below the maximum width setting. It also could use default application icons. This might not be possible but it would be cool if you could find out if an application is an installer or other application like that and then it would replace that application's icon with an icon that all installer's are set at. That would just be awesome if you could do that.

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It would be nice if one could add simple menus on the bar, so if you click the item, no application will open but a list will be viewed, like an item "Personal Folders" and then a list would be viewed like this:




Outlook express


so folder items but also apps can be put in the lists.

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a pin to desktop option... that would be nice for those who don't use automaticaly hide. What I mean by that is let's say i press WindowsKey+D to minimize all, RK Launcher disappear off screen (it minimize also). it would be nice if there's an option in RK Launcher to overide the minimize all windows since it's part f the UI.

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a pin to desktop option... that would be nice for those who don't use automaticaly hide. What I mean by that is let's say i press WindowsKey+D to minimize all, RK Launcher disappear off screen (it minimize also).

That would be really nice!

I found that option in OD+, and it would be great if RK Launcher had it too!

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How about a running/non running state for programs icons?

eg: If Firefox isn't running, display this icon. If it is, display this other icon.


How about themes? (I want to match my dock icons with this look, but be able to change it to another without going through each program property and changing each icon.)

eg: Icon set A, Icon set B.

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I don't know if someone already mentioned it, I couldn't find anything.

Here goes, it would be great if there were a Miranda docklet included in RK Launcher that would change the icon when the status in Miranda changes. And maybe when someone is typing.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

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3) If several instances of an application are running and I click on the docked icon, all instances are brought to the front. I am especially thinking about the "command prompt" here, but it could also apply to the "windows explorer" or MS Office applications when working on several "Word" documents for example, or any application which usually has several instances running. This could be a tick in "behavior"....




Yeah, something along those lines, I'd love to see an option that if the docked Item is clicked and the app is running, that the app is brought to the front rather than another instance opening. I don't use the minimize to Rk Launch option.

Someone please pretty please correct me if this is already implemented!


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i dont know if its actually a missing feature or a bug, but when i minimize a window it uses the effect, but clicking the thumbnail in the dock makes the program restore with no effect.

if it is a bug, sorry for posting here, i didnt notice anyone else with a similar problem.

if it is a missing feature can it be included?

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Request: Ability to move the dock up/down and even left/right from the standard dock points.

I would switch to RK Launcher in a heartbeat if it offered an option to move the dock "x" and "y" pixels from the standard anchor positions, so that I could put the dock directly above a taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

Unfortunately, Mobydock seems to be the only one that allows me to do it.

Love the work you've done so far!

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I am not an apple fan and could not care less if Rk launcher perform exactly like an OSx dock but it is a great tool and from what I have seen, better than any other dock out there. For what it's worth, here is my wish list.

1. The minimize to dock feature is great and looks awesome with the genie effect. However it would be practical to still switch between apps using the Alt tab keys. Currently whatever is in the dock can be seen with alt tab but not selected.

2. Dos apps should also be minimized or you create two classes of minimized applications. One that goes to the dock and one that goes to the taskbar.

3. Better integration with windows key and clear desktop. Currently windows key + M and clear desktop minimize to taskbar but not to Rk launcher.

4. Fly out menus like object dock (because it looks cool)

5. Reverse genie effect (same reason).

6. Tabs to sub dock. This would allow sub menus within the dock but with same behavious as Rk launcher which is quite different from object dock tabs.

7. While I agree that Mac osx is nice, it's not the holy grail and just because a feature does not exist in the Mac version, does not mean it's impractical.


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I am not an apple fan and could not care less if Rk launcher perform exactly like an OSx dock but it is a great tool


I agree totally. IMHO its silly for a pc to ape a mac. RK launcher is a great tool in and of itself. I've never used a mac, I just like the useability and look of RK.

It would be even greater if there was 1-click sticking/unsticking of the bar (preferably using the middle mouse button). Unlike 99% of suggestions this would require no extra work, but would increase functionality by a lot.

I just hope Raduking sees this empassioned plea!


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For saving the custom icons, next build (hopefully) will permit you (us :) ) to do so.

For placing newly executed apps in a specific position in RKL, you can do that by editing 'RKLauncher.conf' file from the installation folder (usually placed in C:Program FilesRKLauncher).

Open that file with Notepad and look for 'minimizePosition = -2' and 'newIconsPosition = -3' (in [behaviour]). Set those values so that new apps will open and minimize in a position that you like.

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More on the X64 request ....

It is important for X64 support in order to be a task bar replacement. The 64-bit tasks will not enumerate because RK Launcher is running in the 32bit address space under the wow64 process. Without the 64bit tasks enumerating, there's no good way to switch between tasks (so it's much more than just a matter of minimizing to the dock).

X64 support should be a recompile using the latest platform SDK unless the dock is written in assembly or using some non-MS compiler.

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when i use genie effect, i get the notice " error creating direct3d device". the scale effect runs well in my pc. i use sis650 mainboard with inboard graphic card. 512 ram. anyone can tell me what's the problem? sis650 can be supported in next version?

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