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Hi, very nice application, it's fast and actually looks nice.

My requests for future versions would be:

  • Add shortcuts (mnemonics) to the menu items.
  • Add an "All supported types" filter to Change Icon's, Browse option, including both formats (i.e. *.png;*.ico).
  • Show Add separator in each icon —though that can only be achieved trough the "Show settings menu on all items".
  • Add support for dragging the separators, just as any other icon.
  • Remember the apps. name/icon even when not kept in the bar (already mentioned a couple of times, I'm just voting).
  • Show the drop-down boxes as such —I see an only option with a one-line list (i.e. I see one line of text and "up/down" buttons at the right to see/select the other options). Note: this is only on Win2000, in WinXP (64) they are typical drop-down boxes.

After having used a couple of applications like this one, I would prefer keep it somewhat simple and fast than adding too much load and come up with a yet-another-heavy dock bar. Just my two cents.

Added: I think it would be good to change the text for "same instance". Personally I thought that would mean something like "apply to this specific instance" (parameters included), not something like enforcing solely one instance (re-usage?). By the way, the former could be a valid option for remembering the icons/settings for un-kept applications.

P.S. I'll add more requests as I remember them...

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Is it possible to include live screenshots?

And I had to change the aladin's lamp effect cause it's too slow!

I'm new with all this stuff, but I have used RKL for a long time, and it's the best dock i've downloaded.


from argentina ;)

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is there any way...ya'll could incorporate the flyout dock feature like stardock in Rklauncher...i really loved that feature..and that would make the entire rklauncher a big hit.

that would be a great feture to add...sort of liek the flyout menu idea i had but better

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My RK Launcher is set to "Always on Top" and "Automatically Hide." When I play full-screen games and mouse-over the area of the launcher, the game minimizes and I always end up shutting RK Launcher off for a little bit. I'd like to see an option to "Disable Always on Top in Full-screen mode" or something...

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Would be great to have dual monitor support.

At least basic where RK Launcher appears on both monitors (is mirrored or something).

Even better would be to make it work as UltraMon, that is being able to show minimized windows from particular monitor.

Thanks for reading.

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Hi !

It would be nice to be able to change dock item pictures by dragging .png icons over them.

I always replace all my dock item icons with high resolution ones, but it takes a lot of time to change them over the menus. So it would be very good to be able to drag and drop new icons over dock elements.

Also, one more vote for stacks and reflections. :)

Great work, keep it up !

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My internet connection has been very bad recently, so i haven't been able to read if anyone has said this yet, but rk launcher should try and mimic the new leopard dock (3D look, **STACKS**!) If not, atleast just add the stacks feature. Thanks for the great app!

"It would be nice to be able to change dock item pictures by dragging .png icons over them."

That might not be the best idea--i frequently open photoshop by dragging the pic i'm going to edit onto photoshop. Either it wouldn't work at all, or that feature would be dissabled


//Posts Merged. Read the rules--no double-posting. -NC

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Hi RaduKing, your application it looks closest to the original dock from OSX (I am not the first one telling you that). Recently I tried KKMenu under RKLauncher, and works fine with few bugs (most of them due to the KKMenu.dll). Setting more than one docklet gives anoying messages about RK Launcher Error "Class already exists", and associating images to the menu items can be done only manualy by editing the kkmenus.cfg file (even though an option for that is included in the menu editor). May I send you a screen capture to see what happens adding new kkmenu item? About Skins for this menu, I found few very nice (Tiger, Vista etc.).

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