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[help] Will Screen Spanning Doctor break my new iBook?


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Thanks, I came across that thread myself. Guess I won't close the lid to it then and use the hack with the lid open instead. But then again it's much nicer working on a 19" crt @ 1600x1200 than on a 12" @ 1024x768 :)

/your dumb and ignorant forum user :)

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I read on that forums that hooking another display to iBook and working with it closed lowers heat dissipation and may cause damage because of overheating.

This is a bit of a myth - old laptops used to vent through the keyboard. iBooks all have a vent in the back. If the iBook starts to heat up a fan kicks in, and should provide adequate cooling.

You can also use the screen spanning hack with the iBook open and take advantage of having extra screen space.

According to this page (and the one it links to), screen spannong should work on any of the newer Radeon series graphics chips. The 9550 should handle it perfectly fine.


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