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Official Y'z Docklets Thread

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hi everyone.

Any question regarding a certain docklet, please post it in its own thread e.g. weather docklet question in albeik's thread for his docklet.

Lets keep this thread clean from thank youz and stuff like that - you can use the pm for that.

Yes, its not like you cannot post 'thank you', but this thread is a sticky made for docklets only trying to have efficiancy. :order:

By the way, this thread will be removed completely sometime soon, once we see people visit the front page news with all the links and information of where and how to, and once we enable the news archive browsing.

Anyone looking for something, can easily cruise the news that has all releases laid out in one single page. easy as aqua soft.

thanks. (Y)

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Hi Guys!

Just finished beta testing Albeik's Task Docklet... Its AMAZING. Finally he's achieving what we were hoping for so long...

Anyway - A few more fixes till the release - according to Albeik - It will probably be a couple of weeks or so (hopefully earlier).

I'm posting a screenie so everyone can drool over it till it comes out.




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@Quazimodo, looks very nice but I think that he have to 'work' a lil more with the shadow?. And BTW, edit your post becuse, I think that you are trying to post a preview and and a link to the bigger image. The preview is the bigger image...

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Originally posted by zpodseven@Jun 18 2003, 04:32 PM

i'm still havin some probs with mailcheck docklet, it doesn't like to check my imap account  :(  if anyone has any suggestions please send them my way

pretty sure it only works with POP3 servers. IMAP doesn't work for this docklet.

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hey albeik... just started using your comics docklet, awesome!

just wondering if you'd consider combining some of the code with the weather docklet so that you could get a radar/picture of the weather in you weather docklet... though i guess it would be for od since y'z 'll eventually die out(though its all i use).

just an idea (good for skiers/paddlers/surfers/sailors/you name it)

further ideas... avalanche conditions docklet.. shows rating, click and gives detailed

conditons in a picture

surf conditions docklet... ditto

river levels docklet... ditto

just throwing those out in the wild chance, if you searched around a got in touch with the right associations i'm guessing you could even get paid a reasonable amount to do it. It looks like you have everything you need to do it already. To do it right, i think it would be get paid once to do the initial setup and then its opensource from there.

ie. canadian avalanche association, american whitewater association, don't know surf examples, but i've seen 'em. All have webpages with info already on 'em, so it just be a case of linking up.

anyways, just thought i'd throw that out to see if anyone is interested.


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