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iTunes + iPod TV Ad featuring Eminem... where?


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uh. yeah. was that sarcasim? i would certainly hope so.

Sarcasm? Errr, no? Pete Doherty is the best choice to go with when marketing is the subject. He is everywhere, he is fresh, he is addicted to coke, he dates Kate Moss, what Eminem is?, chewed-boring-gum.

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Just saw it on MTV while watching Real World reruns. It's an alright commercial I guess, definatly a new take on the style they have been using for the iPod and iTunes commercials, frankly I wish they'd take a new direction totally, especially since they have updated their iPod hardware for the billionth time in recent history.

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Oxideous is right...I just saw it on MTV. Personally, as an advertising major, I do not care for the commerical. The concept is really cool and different, but doesn't anyone else think that the song is quite old??? Usually you see Apple advertising a new song for the iPod as a means to promote their product and to generate new sales on iTunes...but they used Eminem's "Loose yourself", which is a few years old. They should have used a song and an artist that is really big right now.

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