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[preview] iSound 2.0

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Something else you may want to consider: In the system tray icon, I believe real OSX has it so that as volume level is changed, the number of audio "waves" indicated on the sys tray icon also changes, between two (for high volume) and none (for mute) i believe. You may want to recreate that, along with a higher res, more accurate tray icon.

Sorry to sound critical, but hope it is appreciated and accepted in spirit it is offered.

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This is a great app. But I have a request/suggestion. I have an old multi-media keyboard and I want to link its Volume keys to the app, but they're not in the drop-down menus. So would it be possible instead of just picking the keys from a drop-down menu, to be able to pick them by clicking on them on the keyboard? Also, I think this MIGHT work for people with the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

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okay...i've had something screwy going on and i just narrowed it down to isound. (this could be just me and my mucho modded machine, but...) when i'm playing tracks in itunes and open a new tab in firefox, the track will skip for a couple of seconds. this bad behavior goes away if i exit isound.

anyone else?

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