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[preview] iSound 2.0

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A few screenshots of the new 2.0 version of iSound...


New and improved bezel, 0 script errors will now show, unlike last versions with the source overflow. The bezel is completely new and entirely re-coded.


New system tray icon, which is completely customizable.. also.. the new volume slider which will bring up the bezel whenever changed. This slider can be moved about the window and the program will save its position no matter what.


Bezel is now completely skinnable. From the background to the progressbar, everything will change. Also, the program will adapt to the size of your bezel without you having to change any size settings. You can switch between skins with ease in the new control panel.


The most requested Mute function has also been coded, with a customizable bezel image to match. This hotkey can also be customized.


The program is also hooked to any other audio applications. If you change the volume for example on the Windows Volume Control, this will also bring up the bezel. So if your keyboard already has media keys, you can use them and the bezel will still show.

This is just a brief preview of the functions in iSound 2.0!

Im still looking for beta testers so if you are available for testing, please add me on MSN at [email protected]][email protected] or send me an email to [email protected]][email protected]

Hope you like the preview!

Techno Minds

:cool: :cool:

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pretty cool. However, the tray icon could be a little crisper in resolution. Also, when i reduce volume in iTunes, the splash screen does not come up. And there's a weird shadow at the top of the volume slider. (that's actually visible in your pic post above.) Keep up the good work though. Best.

BTW, I'm using iJect as well and is there a way to set that app so that the control panel for it does not come up every time I strat up my computer? Thx.

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And the wierd shadow is there for people who are using objectbar, when you have a finderbar instead of the XP bar, it looks like a shadow from the finderbar.

yes but the shadow for object bar will be there regardless, whereas if you move the volume indicator to some other, lower part of the screen you're still left with the shadow. No biggie but ...

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I'm kind of having the same problem as NC, I run the program, and I get the control panel and everything (which actually doesn't let me change anything, is it supposed to?), and the bezel shows on my desktop but nothing happens when I press my up/down buttons on my laptop. I think this may be due to the fact that the bezel responds to changes in the "wave" volume, not in the "master" volume.

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Installer comes with an Uninstaller that gets rid of everything... no registry entries... it just makes installing and uninstalling alot quicker and less hassle...

@ the master volume question: yes, the program changes the waveout volume.. i will see if it does master volume.. otherwise.. sorry :(

@ bip bop... working on that now :P

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