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[W.I.P] new spotlight application (gds v2 beta)


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@colraffs: i have no idea why that would happen? do you have the nessecary files?

@CDI2: i am about to send you a PM! :)

@Satans Child: do you have GDS installed and fully indexed?

and with 40 downloads, im guessing colraffs and satans child are the only ones its not working for? does that mean the other 38 are pleased with it? please respond people!! :P

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It *does* work except that its painstakingly slow, taking about 15 seconds to do a normal search :/ Im guessing this is because Spotlight is grabbing the icons for each application, but apart from that it works very nicely.

15 seconds? what kind of computer are u running? my results show up instantly. maybe on the very first search of opening the program, it might be slower but after that it is almost instant for me. as far as for grabbing the icons, its only of .exe files and i havent experienced any slowdowns with that, but i havent ever had more than 1 or 2 exes in the list i have searched for.

also if you have a very high GDS result number, that could be slowing it down some -- but not by 15 seconds. i personally have my max GDS number just above my display number and it is very fast for me.

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I've got it to search now (just quit then restarted it) but when I click on a result .... nothing. Clicking on a result closes the app or minimizes it but nothing else happens. It looks great though. Gonna see if I can't change the text colors and background colors to match darker themes. :)

clicking web results will not do anything right now, only files :)

text colors and bg colors will be added for changing within the next few versions, im more focused on making it work well before it looks pretty :P

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so, ive been thinking about it and i think most of the "slow down" is because of the way i go about the max/display results. when you set the max gds result number, thats the number it will use every time it querys the gds server for the results -- and once it parses it, it will stop once the display count is reached. so in effect, for each letter you type its sending the query to get the max ammount every time. i just realized this, and am about to change it to only do the display ammount for when you are searching from the search bar, and only the view all will query for the whole ammount. this should help speed things up a bit... :slant:

*feels stupid* ill have an update soon :)

*edit* i also know WHY i did it that way now. because thats how i got the total ammount for the view all. hmph now i gotta figure out another way.

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I use an AveDesk shortut for a Spotlight Google search. Is there a way to create a shortcut to the Spotlight program's system tray icon, so I can use your program instead? I like to keep my system tray icons hidden and use Avedesk shortcuts to the programs I need.

hmm no not currently. and just to get it straight, you are wanting a shortcut to make the searchbar visible instead of clicking the icon, right? ill have to see what i can do.

im thinking about using command parameters for displaying the program without the icon, so for objectbar users or people like PDidee who want a avedesk shortcut can run the program with -notray or something, and it will only show the searchbar, and close the program upon launching your desired file instead of always running.

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I have made a new little site to host my downloads, thanks to CDi2! He is providing the hosting for my downloads, so if it goes down complain to him! :P

I have also compiled a new beta! Updates include...

* Ability to run program with "-notray" command

* Faster, more efficient search-as-you-type

* Launching of web results in default browser

* Other misc fixes

Download Beta 1.4

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dude, i tried your app and i think it's quite good and it absolutely works.. unlike tomlapps lots of users havin trouble.. the only thing i suggest is that you should separate it from the windows tray menu. just like tomlapp's spotlight button and searchbox is adjustable.

by the way, can we have the program code itself? maybe we can try and make adjustments... thanks..


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Hey riot, good work. I've tried all the spotlights now, and i have to say yours has the tidiest interface, and the speed of the search is also very pleasing. However, there are some things that you can learn from the others.

For example, i think alilm's getchoo has the most user-friendly return of the results, at least in the case of music. Click here to see what i mean by this. It's easy to see which gives the more useful information, and i think this is something you could try and work on in yours.

Also, i like the way in which Tom's spotlight has the "Top Hit", and other layout features closer to the actual spotlight. i know yours form the start hasn't tried to be 100% accurate, but it's just some suggestions form my personal opinions. Anyhow, whatever features you decide to put into this, good luck ;)

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@cornelius_03: there is a -notray command that you can add to the run parameters and there will be no tray icon, that was an update in the last release :) and as of right now, i dont think ill be releasing the source code.

@CDi2: im confused as to why your music doesnt show up like that. mine DOES show like getchoo, ill post a personal screenshot. its got to be something to do with your media files perhaps missing some xml tags that i use to get the values. if thats the case, im not sure why it would work on getchoo and not mine, but here is what it does for me.


if i could get your MSN address, perhaps i can get you to show me the actual XML of when you search for that so i can see what its actually doing.

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@sharknut: it has nothing to do with programming. you need to make a shortcut to the exe and at the end of it you add whats called run parameters.

for example:

"c:yourspotlightdirectoryspotlight.exe" -notray

launch the shortcut, and the search bar will appear without a tray icon :)

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ok, so ive recently aquired visual basic .net and began to completly re-write my program in it. im posting this because i have an ALPHA version that i would like some feedback on. i say alpha, cause it doesnt have too many features right now. all it does as of now, is search as you type. there is no highlighting of results, there is no launching of results, and there is no preferences.

it loads, gets your taskbar height and width, places the searchbar in the correct position and adds the tray icon. you can right click the tray icon or the form to access the menu and exit. im putting this here because i think ive made the search-as-you-type part a *LOT* more efficient. i would greatly appreciate some feedback on the speed of the searching, or any bugs you may have run into as of yet (though there shouldnt be any)

Download Spotlight.NET Alpha

if i see tons of downloads and no responses again, im gonna be upset! :P PLEASE give me feedback on the speed of this version. i BEG of you guys :)

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