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[release] iSound 1.0

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From the maker's of iJect, I bring you...


** REVISED** : Fixed the missing OCX, now run's independently and will not have an unregistered splash screen.

**REVISED** Slowed down the volume slider.

iSound is a replica of the keyboard-controlled volume on Mac OSX. With this tool you can set the key to control the volume, and for those with an apple keyboard you can use the up and down volume controls on the keyboard.

The splash screen is almost identical to that of a mac.

Next Project: iSuit - Combine my last two projects and a few other tricks, all in one...

Thanks for watching...

Techno Minds

:cool: :cool:

*Note* In order to terminate this program you will have to go into task manager an end the iSound.exe process.

iSound 1.1.zip

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